Ever wanted to hide some data from others and the only option you have is hiding the folder? Not a great option when you know that its only too easy to see hidden folders following a simple drill. Tools> Folder Options> View> Show hidden files and folders.

What I am writing about is a very simple drill available in XP and you dont need any additional software to create this invisible folder. It is better than the hidden folders in the sense that it doesn’t show even when “show hidden folders” is on and only you know that the folder exists there.

Of course you don’t want  to put any highly confidential data in there as this invisible folder is difficult to find, not impossible. If you want to know how to find this invisible folder, please leave a comment, I’ll reply.

This is how you go about creating an invisible folder

1.Create a folder. It should look like this

2.Now clear the name it should look like this


3.Make sure your Num lock is on. Now hold down alt and type 0160 from the NUM PAD. It should look like this


You will  see that the folder has no name.

4.Now right click on the nameless folder, select properties. Go to the customize tab. You will see a Change Icon button at the bottom,click it.


5.After you click the change icon button select an icon which has no image. Like this


Click OK and your invisible folder has been created.Only you know that this folder exists. You can keep anything u want in here.

Even though this trick appears to be too simple, i does work. Give it a try and share your feedback with us here in comments.

P.S: This workaround is  only for  XP and I am not sure about Vista , give it a try and let me know.