Everyone of us use one form or other of USB drives starting from normal storage devices to Ipods. And most people who ue these devices know that there is a problem often while removing the USB devices with windows telling you that it cant eject USB device as it is in use. This happens even if you see that all the files on USB drive is closed.

There are many reasons behind this behaviour of windows. One of these is the anti-virus scanners. The realtime scanning by antivirus solutions stop USB devices from being ejected if some files on it are being scanned for viruses/trojans. Other reasons include temporary files being created and also the restore function of windows running in background.

Here is a tool that can help you eject your USB devices easily in just one click. This small tool forces all processes associated with USB drive to close/end thus helping you to eject USB drive easily.

USB Disk Ejector allows you to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. It can be run as a non-visual command line program or a normal gui program. Its very useful if you have a USB flash/pen drive.


It’s especially useful when dealing with multiple USB devices and for Vista users who don’t want the ‘now safe to remove this device’ dialog box to appear.

[Download USB Ejector]