Turn your Gmail Inbox to Facebook like stream with FLUENT

Did you ever imagined your Gmail emails, Inbox to look and operate like the way Facebook stream is? Most of you would answer that to a big NO, which includes me.  Thanks to FLUENT, a start-up by trio of Ex-Googlers you can have your emails look and operate just like your Facebook stream. The service at the moment is invite only and you need to wait to get a invite as the  invites for the service are closed at the moment.


It comes with the ability to view email threads & replies at a glance just like the Facebook, preview attachments as a image gallery, and ability to reply, archive or add to your to-do list easily with just one click.

Turn your Gmail Inbox to Facebook like stream with FLUENT 1

Even though the service at the moment supports only Gmail, they do plan to support more email service providers in the future. This also supports multiple email accounts letting you manage all your emails at one place. Another useful feature is that it offers a instant search of your emails making it more fast and powerful.

Layout and GUI

The layout is quite clean with buttons for each function positioned at appropriate place including starred items, labels etc. helping you perform them instantly with just one click. Also, you can switch between a compact view and expanded view easily without leaving the page.

Check out the Video below displaying the Fluent.io in action.

As the service is still in beta and closed to public, we got no idea about whether it will be free or paid service when it comes out of beta.

You can checkout a demo of the service.

Privacy and Security

Their privacy policy talks about how they handle your email data. They infact store it on Amazon servers. Here is a quote from the said document:

In order for Fluent to provide fast search and retrieval, we index your email data and store it on Amazon Web Services servers.

They also talk about if they can access the data, but its not very clear as it is governed by their internal policies.

We have strict internal policies preventing access to your data. In very rare cases if errors in software occur, fragments of email headers may be seen by one of our two engineers in server error logs.

What do you think about it? Would you love or hate to see your email like the way Fluent.io provides you? Do share your feedback in comments below.

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  • Samuel Rajkumar Link Reply

    Definitely love the way Fluent works, but I would be more happy if they publicly tell how they’re going to keep our email data safe from prying eyes. Thanks for sharing this info Avi 🙂

    •  @Samuel Rajkumar As I said in the post above, they store the data on Amazon servers and uses the same security that is provided by Amazon on all their servers. 🙂

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