Few years back people bought antivirus and installed on their system and felt that their system is safe. But today its viruses along with spywares , adwares, trojans that make the life with computers too risky. Hence you need a good antivirus soltion plus adecent spyware solution.
For some people , its too expensive to buy both antivirus and antispywares as they cant afford it.

One of the best solutions for spywares we have is Spyware doctor. You can get a trimmed down version for free , thanks to google with their Google Pack.

Spyware Doctor is well-respected enough to get included in Google’s software roundup, Google Pack, its effectiveness has as much to do with your surfing habits as it does with how many threats can be picked up by the detection file.

This free app includes limited real-time protection, OnGuard protection is limited to the File Guard, which says it prevents unsafe e-mail attachments and other malicious files already hiding on your system from being accessed.

Basic features include two kinds of scans,

  • an “Intelli” scan and
  • a “Full” one, as well as a third,
  • customizable checker.
  • A scheduler,
  • a rootkit component that can be turned off,
  • and the usual links to other antimalware programs by the same publisher.

The Doc has control tabs on the left and the main interface panel taking up the rest of the real estate. . Some users have complained that it’s a resource hog, although this wasn’t my experience.

Download it here