Many of us including me use Firefox for our day to day internet surfing and love the way it works with a great bit of customization plus great security while we surf. Firefox is too much easy to customize each single option and also with the help of addons you can add additional functionality to it.

One of the options which i wanted to change was to , change the location of the cache which Firefox stores in its default location. For some reason or the other like less space on your drive or some security concern many of us would like to change the default location of the cache.

But i couldn’t find a direct way to change it by going in its options or advanced options. And hence i tried to find it out how it can be done. Finally i found the solution. One of my friends told me how to do it.
So here is the trick to do that.

1. in the address bar type in:


2. and look for the entry of:

browser.cache.disk.parent_directory3. double click on that and you should be able to change it. If you don’t have it, then click on any entry, then do a right click and select New, String, and enter the above in the first box, and the new location in the second. That’s it.