If you love music and reside in India, you must have heard of Flipkart Flyte service (Provided you buy Music legally). Flipkart’s Flyte Music Store is a iTunes kind of music store in India and can be considered largest legal online music store in India letting you access legal music of superior quality at great prices.

Flyte Anniversary free albums

The service is almost one year old now and Flipkart is celebrating this.  This celebration seems huge as they are offering many of our favorite albums for free from different genres like ‘Bollywood’, ‘Bollywood classics’, ‘Ghazals & Sufi’, ‘Devotional’, ‘Rock’, ‘Pop’, ‘Hip hop and R&B’, ‘Jazz & Blues’ and different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Marathi.


You can download/ buy 100 music albums across 10 genres every day till 28th for free. The collections offered for free are great and you must be grabbing them if you love music. Its a great promo where you can get original soundtracks.You can sync it to your phone or tablet and listen to it with the in-built player of your device.

You need to check Flyte daily as the 100 Albums will change everyday till Feb 28. So enjoy the original soundtracks. Hope you guys find your favorite ones.