How to disable Kaspersky Safe Money

If you are using Kaspersky Pure or Kaspersky Internet security 2013, you must have encountered a new feature called “Safe Money” in these products. Safe Money feature of Kaspersky helps to secure  online transactions like banking, credit card etc.while accessing financial or banking websites.

Kaspersky LogoWhenever you access sites that need financial transactions, Kaspersky will automatically open them in a protected sand-boxed environment protecting you against hackers and helping you keep  financial information safe.

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Detect, remove unknown rootkits with Kaspersky Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller

Rootkits can sometime be very difficult to get rid of. Free Kaspersky Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller is a tool which helps you  get rid of rootkits in Windows operating system which can download and execute other malware, delivers advertisements to your computer, and block programs from running etc. A rootkit can effectively hide its presence by intercepting … Read more

How to reset password for Kaspersky Internet security and Kaspersky Antivirus

Most of Avtechies know that I am a big Kaspersky fan and for blogging reasons, I need to do so many tests with various software tools including securiy suites like Kaspersky Internet Security. During one of these tests while I was writing the post about how to manage Parental control feature of Kaspersky Internet security, … Read more

How to configure and use Kaspersky Parental Control

I bet most of the users of Kaspersky Internet security doesn’t even know that it has a extensive module of Kaspersky built inside which can be configured like any other parental control software to restrict access to any user from accessing different categories of websites, Instant messengers, file downloads, social networks etc. Today we will … Read more