I bet most of the users of Kaspersky Internet security doesn’t even know that it has a extensive module of Kaspersky built inside which can be configured like any other parental control software to restrict access to any user from accessing different categories of websites, Instant messengers, file downloads, social networks etc. Today we will talk about how to use and configure Kaspersky Parental Control.

Kaspersky Parental Control is not enabled by default. You need to enable it if you want to use it. JUst browse to “Parental Control” tab in Kaspersky GUI. There you will see the users of your system listed. If you are doing this for first time, you need to set a password. It can be set when you click on any user name you want to configure.

After that you need to configure it. Just click on settings at top of Kaspersky GUI to open the settings window. Click on the last Icon of the settings tab to view Parental control Features. You need to select user and then click configure to accessing all the settings.

You will be amazed to see number of options it provides for setting out and controlling access to different things like accessing different categories of websites, Instant messengers, file downloads, social networks, amount of time a user can spend etc.

You can control the amount of computer usage and internet usage by selecting the relevant tabs as shown and then select the timings as per your needs. If you want, you can even select the maximum hour per day that is allowed to user in one day irrespective of the different timings allowed each day. You can just click on the table of timings with your mouse to select or deselect that portion of the day.

You can block different categories of websites which can restrict access to user while browsing. This blocks everything in the categories you choose and user can browse only those are not blocked. If you want to make certain exclusions to those selected categories, you can add that using the exclusions button.

Apart from these , you can restrict access to social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. Also, you can control what private data is being allowed to sent to these social networks. You need to exclude the data you want not to be transmitted by  adding them to “private data ” option with some descriptions etc.  This will make sure that any sensitive data is safe and not transmitted to the web. You can even control the applications access, file downloads and much more.

After you have set all these and the user tries to access something that is not being allowed here, he will get blocked from accessing that. e.g. if the user tries to access a blocked category webpage, he will get the following blocked error message.

Also, when you see your Kaspersky parental control GUI, there you will see the notification about something unwanted. You can get a detailed report if you want on all the aspects of  computer and web access.

So if you are using Kaspersky Internet security and have kids in your home, then you must use this feature to control access of your children along with protecting them from bad guys and content over the web.

Hope you find this post useful. I would like to hear your feedback or comments.