Google safe browsing says is risky

Well, its something odd. Our Forum Mod Ashwin tipped me of this. Google safe browsing says is risky and site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days. We all know that Google search uses its Safe browsing feature to warn users about sites hosting malacious content or being suspicious or risky. I am … Read more

How to enable “Undo Send mail” in Gmail

We love Gmail for loads of innovative features it provides compared to other webmails.  Few months back, We talked about one such feature which lets you Translate and read Gmail mails in your language in Inbox automatically. Today we will talk about another great feature of Gmail called “Undo Send mail” which lets you stop mail … Read more

9 Public DNS services to browse Internet faster, safer

Many of you may have heard about different DNS services which claim to offer a faster and safer experience over the web by protecting you from Malware, phishing, bad content etc. right at the DNS server level. Today we will be trying to put together the free DNS  services available for FREE. Just a small … Read more