Ever wondered if each and every mail you received in your Inbox came in your language? Or even if it came in different one, it can get converted automatically into your own language or your native one without you doing anything special. In todays post, we will talk about this aspect of emails specific to Gmail as its only possible in Gmail which can translate them instantly on its own and not any other webmail service.


Looks like Google Gmail team has worked hard on this “translate” aspect and its possible now. For most of us, default in Gmail is set to be English. Even English is not OK for many of us. Today in this post we will talk about how you can read all your mails in Gmail inbox  in your own native one.

STEP – 1

Just Login to your Gmail Account and then navigate to Settings>> Labs . Here  you will find an option for Message Translation. You need to click on Enable and then save settings.

Gmail translation 1

Enable Gmail translation

STEP – 2

Just Navigate to Settings>> General. There you can see two option right at top. One is ” Gmail display language“  and other is “Default Translation Language“. Just change these to setting of your choice. For me, both of them is English. You can use your own choice. It can be your mother tongue like Hindi, Gujrati, Spanish, French or anything. Also you can set both as different too.

Enable Gmail translation 1

After this Click Save settings and you are done. Now you can read all the emails in your inbox in your own native mother toungue.

After doing these configuration settings, when you open any mail, you will find a translation button near the top of the email if the mail is in a different language than your native one, which automatically detects email langauge and your default to be translated is selected too. Just click translate and viola, its right in your own native language.

Gmail translation doneHope you will enjoy reading mails in your own language. Thank Google for that.