How many of you are Facebook users? I bet most of you. That includes me too. There have been so much noise around recent facebook privacy changes. It seems now we must be more careful online before submitting any personal stuff. We will talk about some recent facebook privacy changes and its implications in this article.

fACEBOOK lOGOJust few days ago, facebook implemented some privacy changes. Till here it looks everything fine but the shocking thing most of you will find out that, your privacy settings are changed without your consent. If you login to Facebook after those changes, you will be greeted with a message telling you about some changes.

If you clicked the “Skip for Now” button, then you are letting your facebook privacy settings as per new  changes which by default changes your settings to make your Pics and personal info viewable to all or to friends of friends even though you may have limited that to just friends or no one.

And if you clicked on “Continue to next step” , you will see the privacy settings changes they have made on their own. There , old and new settings are shown letting you change them back.

Here, you will see, almost every setting has been changed to either “Friends of friends” or “Everyone”. Thats disgusting.The reason i say its disgusting is most of the users on facebook wont bother to click on that “proceed to next step”  and they will click “skip for now” as they wont think that facebook can even change their settings without even asking them.

So what does this mean for you? whats the complications? If you forgot to change back these settings, your personal info and pictures will be available in public domain which means everyone will have access to it, search engines like google will index it in their database. This will result in things like anyone can know your sensitive information and can use it to harm you in one way or other.

Something like this happened few months back too when many people tried to delete their account including me, which later prompted Facebook to backtrack.But it seems, they want you to forget about your privacy so that they can earn more money.