Today is a special day for Avinashtech. Last year, on same day it was born and went live over the net. It all started with a casual blogging by me over computers and softwares which got converted into this blog soon.

Happy Birthday AvinashtechEven though, i am a design engineer by profession with a specialisation in mechanical (yes, you read it right) , i am able to make this blog informative, simple and  good enough for even layman guys. You can call me as a internet or computer freak, who learns things on the way. The journey so far has been good overall.

I would like to thank all my readers, visitors, subscribers , friends and my family which made this journey as smooth as possible. The feedback by everyone including some fellow bloggers helped me a lot.

Apart from this, the Guys at Thesis forum too deserve to be mentioned here who helped me design this layout with thesis theme even though i am dumb in php and CSS.

There were some bad times in between too but good things have superceeded them. I have tried my best to make the blog and articles better and better. I would request everyone to keep giving feedback so that i can make it bigger and much better.