4Sync offering free 15GB cloud storage account


A free cloud storage service with decent features is still to be offered by someone on the web. Some of the most popular cloud storage services on the web which do offer Free accounts with all the features including Dropbox and Sugarsync, obviously come with restriction on the amount of free space that can be [...]

Why Google Launched Google+

So Google+ is a social network. So is Facebook. So is Twitter. So is LinkedIn. There are a lot of social networks on the web. Why, then, did Google decide to get into the social networking thing? It’s all about owning the eyeball and the advertising revenue. With the rise of social networking over the [...]

Easy Steps to Online Marketing

If you want to publish successful web site for your business, then it is necessary to take advantage of everything that online marketing provides. A proper website that is full of written content material requires preparation and planning. In order to possess a good website, you need to take unique care when designing the actual [...]

LastPass App for Windows 8 released

Windows 8 LastPass

One the best and favorite password management tool Lastpass has released its app for Windows 8 and is now available in now available in the Windows Store. As most of you already know that the latest operating system of Microsoft is slated to a October 26 release and we are hoping that every popular application on Windows [...]

Eye Catching Features of the New iPhone 5


Ever since three computer geeks, Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, produced the first Apple I personal computer kit, which was little more than a motherboard with a CPU, RAM and textual video chips, the Apple brand has been constantly innovating and pushing the frontiers of Technology, with the creation of several seminal devices [...]

Android Phones- Today’s New Trend

Android phones have set a new trend in mobile worldwide. Its craze is increasing among the buyers with each passing day. These are the smart phones with Android technology and consist of several new applications and features. People are fond of these latest Android phones comprising of advanced technology and cutting edge. Its remarkable application [...]

Auto Hide IP Giveaway – 5 licenses [Forum Only]

Autohide IP

One of our forum Moderators and our friend Mike is giving away 5 licenses of Auto Hide IP to Avinashtech Forum Members. Auto Hide IP helps you hide your real IP address, surf anonymously, along with automatically changing your IP address every few minutes guarding against identity theft,  hacker intrusions, and protect your online privacy. Anonymous Web Surfing [...]

How to Keep Your Computer Healthy and Running

Computers are so indispensable today. Neither individuals nor businesses can pass a day without them, properly. A lot of our lives today are controlled by computers.  Important documents, details related to business and property, even banking details are stored on computers these days. So a computer that is malfunctioning or not running at optimum capacity [...]