Humble Bundle have announced a new game bundle for Windows users,  The Humble THQ Bundle. The bundle includes 6 popular games from THQ:

  • Company of Heroes (with two expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor)
  • Darksiders
  • Metro 2033
  • Red Faction: Armageddon.

In addition to the games, you also get DRM-free soundtracks from the games in mp3 format.

The offer page says that these games would normally cost you over $190, but you can pay just $1 to get the 6 games and the sound-tracks. You can get another game, Saints Row: The Third if you pay more than the average price of $5.71. You need to have a Steam account and the client installed on your computer to play the games. That is the only downside in this great offer, but here is some good news, the money you pay will be divided and a part of it will go to Child’s Play Charity and the American Red Cross.

So that’s gaming for a good cause. Here is a small video by HumbleBundle which shows the games from this offer.

Visit this page to read more about the game bundle and to buy the games. Please make sure you read about the system requirements before deciding to buy the games.

You can also send the games as a gift to your family or friends. Just make sure you check the last box (No.4) at the above link to get a giftable URL. This could be a great Christmas present for your hardcore gaming friends.

Note: The games are not DRM-free. Only the soundtracks are.

This is a limited time sale , so you may want to grab the game bundle before it ends.