Attach and send files upto 10GB in Gmail using Google Drive. (Update: it’s live)

Google has just announced that they will be adding a new feature for Gmail Users, you can attach files that are stored on your Google Drive.

Attach and send files upto 10GB in Gmail using Google Drive. (Update: it's live) 1Normally you can attach files upto 25 MB in size via Gmail, but the new Google Drive support will allow you to send files upto 10GB in size. Of course you need to have sufficient free space in Google Drive for making use of this feature. But I think it will be useful for users who use the 5GB free account too.

You will need to turn on sharing settings for the files that you are tying to send. If Gmail detects that the file isn’t shared with the recipients, it will allow you change the settings without leaving the email. The Gmail team have said that this will work like the forgotten attachment detector. You can also send the files by just pasting a Google Drive link in your email and it will work..

How to attach files using Google Drive in Gmail:

To use this feature you need to have Gmail’s new compose feature enabled. If you haven’t done so already, you can do it by clicking on the Compose button and clicking on the “Try out the new compose experience” button.

Please note that this feature is just rolling out and as yet may not be available to all Gmail users.

In the meanwhile, you can just paste the Google Drive link for the files you want to send in your email.

Update: Google have enabled this feature and I could see it on my gmail account.

Thanks to Gmail Blog for the info and the image.

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