Here is something which most of  us have always feared for. A Facebook Malware Attack using Most Hilarious Video is on the loose and many users it seems have fallen for it. Attacks on users is getting common at weekends it seems. The way these attacks are being operated makes people fall for it as it looks like as if they are coming from genuine sources or their friends using the Facebook applications.

The latest one uses a “Most Hilarious Video ever” and it tries to steal your Facebook login credentials, install malware on your computer, and even get your home address. As reported on websense, it works with a video being posted on the walls of facebook users.

Once you click on the link to view the video you are taken to a fake Facebook login page where you are tricked into entering your credentials. The login page look like the real thing except of course if you look at the address bar you can see that you’re not on But users can easily be tricked into thinking that they temporarily were logged out of Facebook and to continue they have to login.

Image Credits : Websense

Even if you enter wrong credentials here, it will return you back to the facebook page and ask you to install a “Media player HD” to view the video. And users who went for it, will have the malware installed on their system.

The simplest way to avoid this is just not click on the link of video and delete it from your facebook wall if you have it there. If you have already fell for it, just change your passwords instantly now and scan your system with a good Antivirus.

As many of you know. the simplest rule is dont enter your sensitive information on pages you do not trust. You can easily find it by having a look at the URL. The youtube video below, thanks to Websense, explains this attack in much detail. Have a look at it.