How many of you are music freaks? I bet many of you are. There are loads of sites available on the web that provide you a way to listen to music, online radio stations or stream it. Today we will talk about Grooveshark which provides a excellent collection of songs. I was able to find whatever song I wanted to listen using the search feature on its home page.

Grooveshark is a browser based application letting you listen to music whenever you want for free. It has a exhaustive collection of more than  7-million songs almost in every language. I was able to find every song I typed in my native language i.e. Hindi and wow it was there to listen. It also  lets you save play-lists as per your needs and hence you can listen to your favorite music at any place having a internet connection. Obviously, you need to create a account to use this feature which is Free. If you are a webmaster like me and run a blog or website in music niche, you can embed  the play-list on your blog or websites.

The interface is quite simple like Itunes. When you browse to homepage of Grooveshark, you will find a big Search box there letting you search your song easily.

Along with it, you will find some  options on left column showing items like ” My library, Favorites, Now Playing” etc. It is too simple to understand though and well organised.

Apart from these, when you go the the song or music playlist, you get loads of options when you right click on any song just as you do on your desktop making it easy to organise it as per you needs and letting you listen to music more freely instead of getting confused with too many buttons. It gives you option such as share the song  or share it on Facebook or twitter. It also gives you a option to download the song but when you click it, it asks you to buy it either from Amazon or Itunes store.

Social features of twitter and Facebook are integrated in this too. You can use “Follow” feature or “Fan” feature just like twitter and Facebook respectively. As it runs using Adobe Flash application, you get a good listening experience even on a slow speed internet connection. It also lets users upload music to their online music library. It works basically on these uploaded music by its uers as it is saved in Grooveshark and available to anyone using the search feature to listen to.

Even though its safe from legal issues with few exceptions, you can read more in detail here about these legal issues.