Twitter over Capacity again: What it means?

Today when i logged into twitter, I was greeted with a page that said, “Twitter is over capacity” and please wait for some moments before trying again. Have any one of you came across this situation or got this page when you logged in there? It is first time for me. Here is what the page looked like.

So basically what does this mean? In simple terms which everyone can understand, it means that its servers are unable to handle the tweets and the traffic generated. This leads you to this page which in technical terms is a 503 error page. As per Wikipedia:

503 Service Unavailable
Server is currently unavailable (because it is overloaded or down for maintenance). Generally, this is a temporary state.

And what is the Fix for it? You can not do anything from your side. Twitter need to improve there infrastructure of servers and bandwidth to handle the growing traffic and users along with the growing number of tweets generated on it.

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  1. Yes I have experienced this quite often, and this is one of the reasons I prefer to use Twitter clients like Tweetdeck. I got the twitter “fail whale” too many times today, the reason? too obvious, people are discussing the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

    Twitter had warned users earlier that this could happen due to the huge worldwide fans of the sport who will tweet their opinions/support/criticism about the WC.

    • Yes you are right but taking into account how big twitter is in terms of a company, it looks ridiculous that there servers can not handle the load of traffic and tweets even though it was anticipated due to Football worldcup going on.

      They need to increase improve their infrastructure.

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