Just few days back we talked about hoe to download all your Google+ data including your stream, photos, videos and any other data that you shared on Google+. Today we will talk about how to download all your Facebook data including your photos, videos, posts, messages, friend list and any other data that you shared. Facebook allows you to download all the data using “Download your Information” tool.

Just Navigate to your Facebook Account >> Account settings >> Download your Information. There just click on Learn more.

On next page, you will get a option to Download all your data using the download button. Keep in mind that you can not choose what data to download and what not to. All your data will be downloaded. As the amount of data is usually large and hence gathering all of them to be downloaded takes some time.

After the process is over, you will get a confirmation email that your data or your file is ready to be downloaded. You may need to verify your account again using your login credentials to download the data or file.

As this downloaded data may contain some critical or personal informaion about you, hence you should keep it secure and take precautions when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.