In our previous post, we talked about how to add Facebook stream inside Google+ using a plugin or extension. Today we will talk about another plugin or extension which can help you add your twitter stream to Google+. This plugin or extension known as “Google+tweet” is developed by same developers who created Google+Facebook.

The installation is quite easy. You just need to install this addon in your browser and your twitter stream will be added to your Google+. You can see an additional button for twitter beside your Google+ Home button right inside Google+. It even lets you compose new tweets from right inside Google+ along with integration of twitpic and your location if you choose.


  • Tweet
  • Short URL’s through
  • Share Photos through TwitPic
  • Share Videos through TwitVid
  • Share your location
  • and watch your timeline!

To start using it, you need to authenticate with twitter with your login credentials in same way as you do with any other third party twitter login. This addon supports Internet explorer, Firefox and chrome.

Now the bad part. It adds a Google Adsense link unit at the top of the twitter stream. If you are comfortable with that small ad unit at top, then everything else is great.

Get Google+Twitter here.

What is your opinion about this? Would you add your twitter stream to Google+ or will you keep them separate.