Google seem to be working overtime these days. With the launch of Google+ and a big response to Google+, they are working on other products too like Gmail, youtube etc. Sometime back we talked about how to enable the new look of Gmail. Now you can also view Youtube in a new look with new features.

This new look is called as “Cosmic Panda“. I am not sure why Google is so obessed with Panda name. Bloggers hate anything that gets a name similar to panda after the Google Panda update for their search algorithm hit Bloggers hard.

Here is what Google says about this new look on Youtube Cosmic Panda page.

Here’s what to expect when you follow the cosmic panda over the double rainbow:

  • A new experience for watching videos and playlists
  • More page designs and better editing tools to customize your channel
  • Keep watching when moving between videos, playlists, and channels (Chrome only)
  • Stylish new look and feel

At the moment, it looks a bit more organized. The homepage too is changed a bit. Only thing which I didnt liked was a big AD almost half a page covering the top of Youtube Homepage. But we cant help.

On the side bar, you can see features like spotlight, trends, Features and What’s New. But while watching video,  The video takes prominence and you got a option to change the video size using the button. But increasing video size makes the webpage go bigger and you may need to use your slider if you want to view something which is not inside your monitor screen.

A floating feedback button is also visible on left side of the web page which can be used to send feedback to youtube regarding the new Look. I am not such a big Youtube user and hence wont be able to comment more on it.  Would love to hear from some youtube users what they feel about this new look of youtube.

You can try the new look at Youtube Cosmic Panda page