10 Reasons not to upgrade to Windows 7 now

As expected and scheduled, Microsoft Windows 7 is released with much fanfare almost all across the globe. Its nothing new though. Its associated with every major Windows release. With so much of market hype over Windows 7, many of you including me are tempted to upgrade to Windows 7. So will you upgrade or stick to your old Windows XP (Like me) or Windows vista. Lets talk about few good reasons that why you should not upgrade to Windows 7.



Until you are planning to buy a new computer, laptop or desktop the money involved for buying a Windows 7 home premium version is too much for many of you including me. Its $199.99 for full version and $ 119.99 for upgrade. Unless you are too excited to spend your money, you can save it for something else.


If you have used Windows vista and Windows 7 both, you may feel that both of them are identical with Windows 7 being the full and final version of Windows Vista. Many of us feel after using it that Windows 7 should have been the final version of windows vista instead what was released full of bugs and performance issues.


For many of you who are on old hardware, upgrading can be pain. The reason being drivers of  your old hardware may not be compatible with windows 7. This happened to me with my Webcam driver. Windows 7 was unable to detect it and i couldnot find a suitable driver over the web for it for Windows 7. For many applications that you run day to day, their may be compatibilty problems with windows 7 with some features of the application not working on Windows 7 though the application may look like running OK.


Many of you like to work with simplicity without much complications or too many unused features. Let me ask you, how many of you have used Windows Movie maker or even outlook express on your home system? At least i never used it at home. Even at work too, i haven’t used both. I know its not true for everyone but i am talking about a significant percentage of people. For Indian people, i can tell you this percentage is much more than you could imagine. Windows 7 is full of features most of you wont be even able to find it until someone tells you. Many guys don’t even know full features of Windows vista or even XP. So whats the use if you don’t use them.


Just because Microsoft released a new version of operating system, doesn’t mean that you should upgrade or your old operating system is obsolete (here Windows Vista or XP). Most of you including me must be happy with whatever operating system they are using. It works pretty well with all your stuff of hardware and software applications. You wont even think of upgrading it until you got serious problems with your existing operating system. As Microsoft needs to earn money, hence they need to keep releasing new products so that their revenue keeps coming but you can stick with your existing OS till you buy a new system.


This one is a real issue associated with Windows 7. You cannot upgrade to Windows 7 if you are running Windows XP as your OS. You need a clean install that means a hell lot of work for many of you and its the only way to move to Windows 7 if you are on XP. So better stick to your Windows XP if you dont feel comfortable with clean install and backing up your old files and settings.


As it happens with every major Windows release, every major OS ported by Microsoft is followed by patches to cover loopholes left or vulnerabilities discovered. Although its more secure than any other Windows (as claimed by MS), still you need to have a anti virus or internet security application installed on your system to protect you from bad stuff.  This reason may sound too absurd to many but at least this fact doesn’t prompt you or motivate to upgrade to Windows 7.


Few or perhaps many of you don’t like some of the features of Windows 7 like the Super bar ( which replaces your taskbar of windows XP or Vista). Also, features like new explorer which organizes your files like a library makes you uncomfortable with finding the files you need.  Even this reason for many doesn’t apply but many of you may find one or the other feature of Windows 7 which you don’t like.


If you are just tempted to upgrade to Windows 7 just for the sake of good looks, let me tell youthat using some small nice tools and applications  the looks of Windows Vista or even XP can be changed to look like Windows 7. I may write another post on how to do that. But just for looks, you shouldn’t upgrade and stick to your existing OS.


Even though you have heard so many good things and reviews about Windows 7, still its not being tested by real public. The views of the real public is still to be heard as till now just developers, some beta testers and few technology enthusiats have tested and used it. Novice users still need to test this out. So just wait some time. May be few months and then decide.

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  1. I understand your reasons, but i disagree with you, as there are also many reasons why to upgrade. I start by saying i don’t like Microsoft and its monopoly in this sector, but i also want to make my everyday work with computer faster and easier.

    1- price, ok, you are right, it is expensive:
    2- it is a much improved version of vista, worth upgrading to.
    3- win7 is much better improved for drivers, better than vista.
    4- ok, it has too many features and occupy much space, but storage costs little now
    5- if you never tried win7, sure you will be satisfied with what you have, but once you use it for 1 month on a daily basis, you’ll wonder how you lived before it..
    6- clean install is the best solution for any OS
    7- win7 with no patches is far much better than xp or vista with all patches….
    8- same as 5, after few days with the new superbar, you’ll wonder how did you do the things before it.
    9- GUI is the least important feature of an OS…
    10- win7 is being used by thousands around the world since early RC, waiting will not make it better

    • Thank you mate for such a elaborate comment.In my article i have said many times that these reasons may not be applicable to all users. I was talking about few or perhaps a significant percentage of users who don’t want to spend money or time on upgrading windows 7 just because Microsoft released a new version.Also for many, the costs involved in up gradation like buying Windows 7 along with some necessary hardware (if any) is significant. Other reasons i have talked about already.And still i would say a significant percentage of people will be tempted toupgrade to Windows 7.
      Also, for many people doing a clean install is toughest job until some tech guy does it for them.

  2. Here are some reasons to stick with an old OS:

    1) You’re lazy. You don’t already have backups of your important data because you’re lazy. Reinstalling, updating, and keeping your programs up to date is too much work for you because… you’re lazy.

    2) You’re unorganized. You don’t keep all your install discs and software keys in one convenient location like of those CD wallet things. You don’t save downloaded program executables to their own directory because you’re unorganized, and you’re too lazy to re-download them.

    3) You haven’t changed. You’re still doing the same things on your computer you’ve been doing since win9x and were somehow conned into buying XP when the old computer kicked the bucket, or software compatibility forced you to upgrade. Why make it easy this time around when it can be just as painful and time consuming as the last time?

    4) You’re poor. If you weren’t spending all your money on beer and cigarettes, maybe you’d think differently, but just wait until the current box overheats and dies after the heatsink fan gets too clogged with dust and nicotine gunk before being forced to upgrade when you buckle down and buy a new computer from walmart.

    5) You’re lazy. And afraid of bugs… because you’re lazy and you don’t back up your data. So why upgrade now when you can just reinforce your laziness by procrastinating, not backing up data, and waiting until SP1 ‘gets it right’.

    6) You’re lazy. Microsoft said they’ll support XP at least until 2014, and damned if you won’t keep using it until then, barring your computer taking a dirtnap. You already skipped Vista, and who needs 7 when 8 will be out presumably before 2014?

    7) You’re lazy. It’s hard enough to bend over and hit the power button as it is, what with those cushioned arms on your chair, and your gut getting in the way, but installing an operating system? That sounds like… work… or something else unpleasant. Besides, your current computer isn’t going to last forever; eventually it’ll die a horrible death, probably taking all your precious data with it and forcing you to upgrade to a new computer, reinstall all that software you can never find the discs for, and download a bunch of new installers.

    All right, are we clear on that?

    • wow, nice to hear someone talking with this angle. But i disagree on the point of laziness. Perhaps Microsoft was too lazy to work on Vista or perhaps they needed money otherwise they should have released Vista in a much better state and perhaps most of the guys who skipped vista would have switched .

    • whoa there nick………….
      talk about being presumptuous……
      go suck on your windows 7 lollipop if u really like it so much,
      but really if u read your post theres not a single valid argument in it
      your whole post is based on presumptions
      y dont you grow some balls and come up with some real arguments like mcbyte did, which makes his post sensible
      But you know what, you are probably the one who goes to the tech mommies every time your computer hangs( now i am being presumptuous, but hey who started it)
      Mommy mommy what should i do!!!!!!!
      they tell you buy this but that, and you do
      without considering the utility

      So next time when u write shit, just think a little

  3. I don’t expect driver or program compatibility issues. At least not on the level that you’re expecting. I’ve been using RC1 since it came out in 64 bit (traditionally the area that lacks the most support) and only had trouble with City of Heroes. It took me all of an hour to figure out how to fix that and, within a week, there was an update for my video card anyway.

    Take that farther and you realize that 7 has actually been in the public eye for months. This wasn’t some closed beta. Microsoft released this worldwide to get as much feedback as quickly as possible. They then responded to every error they got. Heck, the thing repairs itself.

    AVG, Norton, McAfee and every other virus scanner has been ready for this forever. It’s not gonna kill you.

    I also don’t grant your Windows XP upgrade premise or your price premise. You should always do a fresh install with any OS. Linux, Mac, Windows, whatever. Heck, it’s smart overall to format once every 6 months. Once a year at a stretch. Price is just the way it works. If you want cheap, install uBuntu.

    • i fail to believe that why some people talk like they are Microsoft sponsered. In the article itself , i have clearly said, the viewpoints in the article will not match with the majority of guys who are so tempted to buy or pirate Windows 7, but its for those guys for whom something like $120 is too much to spend just because microsoft produced a new operating system and they need to get more money.
      There are loads of sensible guys who skipped vista. I still believe Windows 7 is much better than Vista but that doesn’t mean i should shell out $120 to dump already working operating system. Most people who will buy a new system obviously would be getting Windows 7.

  4. Windows 7 is amazing! I did the “oh so hard” clean install from XP, and it took me the better part of I think 30 minutes. It was so tedious watching the little bar go back and forth across the screen while I took a crap. It has been extremely easy to use. To mcbyte … your absolutely right about your reason for upgrading. To the person who wrote this article, I’m glad to see that you have nothing better to do than spend your time trashing Microsoft. Microsoft seems to employ those who don’t even work for them. kinda strange.

    • Thank you for your comment natureboy. I got much better things to do than trashing Microsoft. But I am not a blind follower of Microsoft. I had already said in the article itself, Windows 7 is much far better operating system than Windows Vista. If you read some of the comments above (except mcbyte), there are few who got nothing to do except write long praises for Microsoft out of which Microsoft does deserve some praise but they do deserve some criticism too to make the product better and much secure.

  5. And like always you need a hell of a machine to make this OS comfy on your PC.
    Oh yeah sure, you can install it on your old computer but what’s the point really if its slower than your good ol reliable XP huh ?
    Lobbying with the manufacturers isn’t that great. Windows 7 is just a new Windows Vista for the Vista Haters. Same shi… different name.

    • Well, i agree with you thats why wrote this article. But guys who are so tempted to get Windows 7 just dont like anything to hear against Windows7.

  6. no, i can say its expensive , but it much better than vista but not upto xp :), as a animation student, my all softwares woks good and no compaltiy issue in hardware. ( but in some case in software)/.
    you are right, we cant upgrade from xp 🙁 this one really sick. but need to make more upgrde in theri features, and i bar think is sometimes make sick when you do copying or writing post for blogs 😉

    • Well, i am back on XP now after testing Windows 7 for few months. The reason being still its not like XP where everything just works no matter what whereas in Windows 7 there is still not that feeling where everything works on the fly.

  7. i had purchased this product and someone took it off my computer and i would like it back and have paid for it with my credit card???
    can you help?

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