Lenovo Launches Yoga 2, Flex 2 alongwith G40/G50, Z50 and C260 devices

Lenovo has just refreshed its portfolio of sleek PCs in India with the launch of Yoga 2, Flex 2 alongwith  G40/G50, Z50 and C260 devices. Out 0f these devices, Yoga 2 and Flex 2 are high-performance multi-mode laptops and G40/G50 & Z50 are mainstream laptops whereas C260 is an entry level All-In-One (AIO) device. With this … Read more

Verdiem’s Edison: Free Power Management Software for your PC

Did you know that computer processing is currently the fastest-growing source of energy consumption & waste? In fact, a Harvard University physicist recently estimated that an average Google search consumes enough energy to boil half a kettle of water. Of course, this doesn’t apply to basic, pre-indexed, algorithmically-optimized searches. But it DOES show that computers … Read more

How to turn your Computer ON automatically

Have you ever wanted, or needed, to have your computer start up before you sat down at it?  I find it a complete advantage to have my computer running and through the start up before I even sit down.  The process saves some time and is just one small thing less to worry about each day.


So, how do we accomplish this you ask?

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Blogging Made Simple: Putting Windows Live Writer to the Test

Do you manage one or more blogs? While blogging is fun, managing multiple blogs can become tedious. Not only do you need to regularly post content, each blog has its own login credentials to remember. If you use several different platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, you also have several different Web sites to access just to post your thoughts. If you’re looking for a better way to manage your blog posts, Windows Live Writer is it.

Windows Live Writer Screenshot

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