Even though, most of us do not need to send any faxes sometimes it becomes a necessity to send fax. As most of us do not have a fax machine and we need it just for sending few faxes, so a free Fax service which can be sent online using your current Internet connection would be great.

Freepopfax is such a service which lets you send faxes for FREE using your existing Internet connection.  If you want to send a simple text message Fax, You can just type your Fax message in the message box.

It also supports sending fax using uploaded documents by user.  It supports Microsoft word doc, PDFs and different image formats. You can just upload your fax in any of the supported document formats.

This service supports a whole range of countries worldwide. You can send free fax to almost most countries on the globe.

Unfortunately, many countries are not listed including India. Still this service seems pretty good and you can give it a try if you need to send some free faxes  worldwide.