Have you ever wanted, or needed, to have your computer start up before you sat down at it?  I find it a complete advantage to have my computer running and through the start up before I even sit down.  The process saves some time and is just one small thing less to worry about each day.


So, how do we accomplish this you ask?

You will need a Motherboard / BIOS that will allow this first.  Most of them do these days and you will know if yours does once you get into the setup mode.  So, the first thing you are going to have to do is restart your computer.  When you computer is restarting, pay attention in the first couple seconds and watch for “entering setup”, or something similar.  There will be a key associated with this action, usually F2 or F12 or something like that. You need to enter BIOS setup using the DEL or F12 or F2 key.

  1. Next, take a look at “Power Management Setup
  2. Make sure you have the settings for “PWron/Resume by Alarm“.  You will need to enable this feature if its not enabled.
  3. From there you can set the time you want your computer to power on.  Once you pick a date/time or time of day, simply save your settings and exit to reboot.

Why would anyone want to have their computer on when they are not sitting at it?

Well, some folks run programs before they start their daily tasks.  Some might include antivirus programs, defragmenting, or even more advanced programs for accounting reports.

Today people like to stay green, save money and just do a better overall job of reducing waste.  With this tip, you can accomplish a task without really wasting anything.  With the process of turning your computer on, you can also schedule your computer to turn off at specific times.  Now, picture your computer turning on, running a program and turning off without you ever even sitting near it.  Just think of the possibilities.