Uninstall and remove toolbars, trialware programs, preinstalled junk easily with PC Decrapifier

Most of the new computers these days come preloaded with so much of junk like OEM toolbars, Trial-wares, some pre-installed toolbars and many more. Most of these preloaded stuff is crap for most of us and not useful at all. Even many programs gets installed by the user himself with bundled software’s which these days by default come with some addons or toolbars.


PC Decrapifier is a simple stanalone tool that can easily Uninstall and remove toolbars, trialware programs, preinstalled junk from your system. Even though you can uninstall them through Add/Remove of the Control Panel, PCDecrapifier finds all of them in a single click and gives you a option to uninstall them by selecting them in one go.

pcdc-select-items2Also, it is able to remove those programs also whose uninstaller is not available directly in Add/Remove section. The list of programs that it can remove or uninstall is huge. You can take a look at them here. The list includes some well known products of Microsoft, Norton ,yahoo etc and many more.

Its free for personal use and you need not install it. Some anti virus may flag it as virus but its false positive as the installer is based on some scripts.

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