Top Free Android Apps for your Phone- Part 1

Good free Apps availability is one of the major factor for anyone to switch to Android device or smartphone. Today’s posts is extension to our Forum Mod Ashwin thread at Avinashtech Forum about Top Free Android Apps. The list below is compiled by him and I am just trying to add more details here. (Thank … Read more

How to download Google+ data (profile, contacts, streams, picasa, buzz)

Just in my last post, we talked about how to remove your Google+ profile from public search results. Today we will talk about another Privacy feature called Takeout which lets you download all your data including profile, Contacts, circles, Picasa web album, buzz very easily in the form of archives. This feature or service known … Read more

Replace Android Contacts, Dialer with “Go Contacts”

If you are a Android Phone user, then often you will feel that something is missing with your Android default Contacts and Dialer. I had used windows phone before shifting to Android and One of the features I miss with Android is “Smart Dialer” (T9 Dialing)which enables you to search your contact list numbers while … Read more

Stop Facebook to send event notifications to your contacts

This post is triggered by one of our readers from Germany , who was frustrated by Facebook. Here is the text of his email he sent. I need your help: Facebook keeps sending invitations to people from my googlemail contacts, telling them that I put photos or videos of them online!!! Please help, I have … Read more