If you are a Android Phone user, then often you will feel that something is missing with your Android default Contacts and Dialer. I had used windows phone before shifting to Android and One of the features I miss with Android is “Smart Dialer(T9 Dialing)which enables you to search your contact list numbers while dialing.

GO Contacts is an Androip App available in the Android market which can add loads of functionality compared to your existing default Contacts and dialer available on your Phone. It includes much faster search, grouping of contacts, merging of duplicate entries and secure backup/recovery feature.


1. Quick find: by any letter, name, keyword.
2. Group contacts: Drag&group; batch SMS or email by one-key press.
3. Merge duplicated identified by name or phone number.
4. Smart dialing: Only remember fraction of contact’s number or name? No problem, just press keys, it will give the matches.
5. Speed dial, IP Dial supported.
6. Theme supported: Dark (included) and Spring, Ice Blue (download separately)
7. Backup / restore: Save contacts to or restore them from SD card, safe and secure.

You can change the look of the contacts list an dialer. At the instant you dial any number on the dialpad, it searches within the Contacts lists and shows you the numbers/ contacts which matches it. The search results are both in terms of phone numbers and in terms of names. It gives you instant display of the numbers and you can dial the numbers quite easily without going through your contact list.

Another great feature is that you can merge duplicate contacts in your contact list based on either Phone Number, Name and email address. Just run the “Merge ” feature of this App and you will have a option to merge the duplicate contacts into one. With default Android contacts, you cannot merge duplicate contacts even though using the Gmail feature of merging duplicate contacts, its possible but its a lengthy process.

You can download the Go Contacts from Android Market on your Phone by using the following QR code