This post is triggered by one of our readers from Germany , who was frustrated by Facebook. Here is the text of his email he sent.

I need your help: Facebook keeps sending invitations to people from my googlemail contacts, telling them that I put photos or videos of them online!!!

Please help, I have already contacted them 3 times, but they keep sending invitations, apparently on my behalf, and I get a lot of trouble, because some of my friends travel a lot and spend an awful lot of money on opening these stupid things abroad or on the train.

As far as I can understand, he wanted to block invitations being sent to his googlemail contacts once he puts some photos or videos etc on his facebook wall. I will try to answer his problem but everyone of you are free to add something new using the comments below.

You need to change your application settings to get rid of these notifications. Just browse to Account>>Application settings. There you will find two applications listed. One is “Events” and other “Video”.  Just click on “Edit settings”.

When you click “Edit settings”, it will show present settings about who will be notified about anything you post using these applications like Videos or photos etc. Just click on customise there and set it as per requirement.

Change the settings to “only me” the safest one but that means nothing you post will be visible to anyone else.

I would be writing a detailed post about privacy settings soon. Till then chill. 🙂