Truecaller just got hacked, 450 gb of Database downloaded by hackers

truecaller logo

IF you are one of the users of Truecaller (the app which is like a big telephone directory of all the world), then its the time that you start worrying.You should worry more if you have allowed Truecaller to upload all your contacts list to their servers. The reason for worry, Truecaller just got hacked [...]

Steam Summer Getaway Sale 2013 offers popular games at discounted prices

Flash Sales and Community Choices

Steam have launched their annual Summer Getaway Sales and will be offering many games at discounted prices. They will be offering Daily Deals, Flash Sales, and Community Choices. So there will be plenty to shop for.The discount percentage varies from 33% to 85%, basically depends on the game's price. All the deals expire in 24 [...]

Top iOS apps and Games gone free as App store turns five

Infinity Blade II Free

Five years ago, Apple launch the App Store for iOS devices July 10, 2008 via an update to iTunes with just 500 third-party applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Today, the App store is too big and provides more than 900,000 apps (free + paid) for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad [...]

Google Drive gets support for 18 new languages including Urdu

Google Drive

Google has added support for 18 new languages for Google Drive. That brings up the total number of languages supported by Google Drive to 65. The 18 languages which have been added are: (listed alphabetically) Afrikaans Amharic Basque Chinese (Hong Kong) Estonian French (Canada) Galician Icelandic Khmer Lao Malaysian Nepali Persian Sinhalese Spanish (Latin America) [...]

Get a free copy of Torchlight for Windows & Mac


GOG are giving away, the award winning hack and slash RPG  game, orchlight, for free as part of their 2013 #noDRM Summer Sale You also get a  level editor and an MP3 soundtrack, for free. Torchlight looks and plays very similar to Diablo 2 because the developers worked on the legendary game from Blizzard. There [...]

Grab Sachin Tendulkar [Kindle Edition] for free

Sachin Tendulkar free Kindle edition

If you are a Cricket Fan and love Sachin Tendulkar, here is some good news for you. You can grab Sachin Tendulkar [Kindle Edition] for free if you have an amazon account with country of residence set as India in the Amazon profile. The book is basically a Biography of Sachin Tendulkar, authored by Vaibhav [...]

Blackberry Messenger BBM coming to Android and iOS on June 27th ?


As we reported sometime back that Blackberry Messenger BBM is soon coming to Android and iOS. It seems that we are pretty near the final release of Blackberry Messenger BBM for both Android and iOS making it a cross platform app and breaking its exclusivity of Blackberry Platform. The hint comes from the official verified [...]

Opera Mini 4.5 for basic Java phones released

opera mini java

Most often we talk about smartphones only and forget the basic phones which use Java for most of the extra features they may have. Browsing is one part of it and most of the Java Phones don't come with a good browser, obviously because of so many limitations. For these Phones, Opera mini is a [...]