Dropbox goes down, Hackers claim credit, Dropbox denies Hack

If you are a Dropbox user, here is some bad news for you. How bad , we still don’t know. If you try accessing Dropbox website now, You will be greeted with a message that “Dropbox is experiencing issues”. They  claim to have identified the cause which was the result of an issue that arose during routine internal maintenance, and are working to fix it.

Dropbox Down

But hacker groups claim otherwise. Anonymous Korea and 1775 Sec are claiming the credit for this downtime.



But Dropbox have contacted few top tech websites like Techcrunch and denied any hack.

Look what Dropbox had to say before/after the leak happened (thanks to Ashwin for screenshot).

We will keep you updated as and when we hear something new.

update: Dropbox site is back now.

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