Auto Hide IP Giveaway – 5 licenses [Forum Only]

One of our forum Moderators and our friend Mike is giving away 5 licenses of Auto Hide IP to Avinashtech Forum Members. Auto Hide IP helps you hide your real IP address, surf anonymously, along with automatically changing your IP address every few minutes guarding against identity theft,  hacker intrusions, and protect your online privacy.

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How to Keep Your Computer Healthy and Running

Computers are so indispensable today. Neither individuals nor businesses can pass a day without them, properly. A lot of our lives today are controlled by computers.  Important documents, details related to business and property, even banking details are stored on computers these days. So a computer that is malfunctioning or not running at optimum capacity is nothing short of a nightmare. Hence, taking good care of a computer right from the very first day is important. Many first time users and those who are not so experienced in dealing with computers make mistakes that can cost dearly on the life of a computer. Thus the care one takes while using his or her computer will determine how long it works without any hitches at all.

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Download EaseUS Data Recovery wizard for Free [48 Hours Giveaway]

Thanks to Bennie from Easeus, we are giving away EaseUS Data Recovery wizard worth $69.95 for Free  for next 48 hours. It is a great data recovery tool developed for non-destructive data recovery from corrupted or bad or crashed Hard Disk drives and other storage devices. It can  do format recovery, unformat and recover deleted files deleted from Recycle Bin or lost data due to partition loss or damage, software crash, virus infection, unexpected shutdown or any other unknown reasons.

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iPhone 5 Benchmark tests beats Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S

There is lot of hue and cry going on about the hardware specs of iPhone 5 of not being up to the expectations. All the hue and cry was based on the plain hardware specifications instead of being based on any Benchmark tests. Samsung was even quick to put out a print Ad mocking the iPhone 5 by comparing some plain specifications of iPhone 5 with its flagship product Samsung Galaxy S III. Checkout the Samsung print Ad below.

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iPhone 5 appears on listings starting at Rs 76,000+

If you are an Apple iPhone Fan and want to grab iPhone 5 much before its official launch, then here is some good news for you. iPhone 5 is appearing in sellers listings and is available for pre-order, obviously at a huge premium even though we are far away from official launch of iPhone … Read more