Revo Uninstaller Professional Review and License Key Giveaway

Developer’s description

Revo Uninstaller Pro helps you to uninstall software and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer easily! Even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall them from “Windows Add or Remove Programs” control panel applet.

Main Features

  • Uninstaller
  • Forced Uninstall
  • Real-Time Installation Monitor
  • Multi-Level Backup System
  • Hunter Mode
  • Junk Files Cleaner
  • Windows Tools
  • Autorun Manager
  • Browsers Cleaner
  • MS Office Cleaner
  • Windows Cleaner
  • Evidence Remover
  • Unrecoverable Delete

A. Uninstaller

It is similar to the default window’s Add/remove programs, but it also scans for leftovers with even more advanced algorithms that are so precise, fast and very effective in search for leftovers of Windows Services, Drivers, File associations, Shell Extensions, COM components, Windows Installer components, program settings and more.

B. Forced Uninstall

This component is useful to remove leftovers of programs that are already uninstalled, incomplete installations and uninstall remnants of programs. There would be cases while during installation system will reboot, etc and on trying to install again, it would say you already have the product installed and should remove before re-installing. For example we are installing some Security Software, it shows an error that your previous xyz product is not removed. Forced Uninstall comes handy in these cases as it removes all the leftout remains of the programs. see-01

C. Real-Time Installation Monitor

This is the one of the main feature of Revo. It is used to monitor the installations so that we could see what all changes a software has made to our system, -including registry & drives. The good part is it is very simple and easy to use. For example, if you have anything to monitor, do a right click and select install with Revo. It would open a small rectangular window on the top of your screen showing that it is monitoring. Upon installation, click on save. Once saved you could see the monitored installation under “Traced Program” tab of the Revo interface.


TIP: You could use Real-Time Installation Monitor for installing the trial software’s.

Why: because once the trial is over you could use this to remove all the traces of the monitored program, and have the system in the same state where the program has never been installed before! Now do install again and use the program one again for the trial

D. Multi-Level Backup System

This is the default backup which consists of backups of removed registry keys, values, files and folders. In addition to this it also has other levels of the backup system such as:
# Creating system restore point before each uninstall
# Full Registry backup before each uninstall
# Full Registry backup once each day Revo Uninstaller Pro is started

The Multi-Level Backup System ensures that if some changes are made to the system by mistake, they could be undone.

E. Hunter Mode

This is an interesting feature in Revo- the cruel Hunter. see-03.


It helps to uninstall any software by just dragging it to the hunter icon shown above. Or you could take the hunter icon on the program, even if it is open. Once selected for uninstallation, it shows further information as in


F. Junk Files Cleaner

This is yet another junk files cleaner. I didn’t notice anything special in this feature. This could be temporary files which are used during installations .tmp, etc. You could configure the Junk Files Cleaner options.



G. Windows Tools

As per the developer this feature gives fast, one-click access to more than ten Windows utilities used in daily PC management. Available tools are: System Restore, Network Information, Security Center, System Properties, System Information, TCP/IP Netstat Command, On-Screen Keyboard, Disk Defragmenter, Services, Shared Folders, Group Policy, Add/Remove Windows Components, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal tool.

H. Autorun Manager

This feature lists all the things that start at Windows startup. You could then enable or disable from auto starting at Windows startup, if you want to do. It gives detailed information such as the program’s publisher, description, launch path (where it is saved on your computer), status of the application (if it’s running or not).

I. Browsers Cleaner

It is like any other browser cleaner. Nothing special to say about this feature. It supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Netscape and Opera.

J. MS Office Cleaner

This allows deleting the history of most recently used files in MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Front Page. It supports MS Office-2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

K. Windows Cleaner

This feature helps cleaning the following:

#search history when you search for file and folders
#recently opened document history
#open/save history used in standard open/save dialogs from different applications
#start menu clicks history
#last opened registry key history

L. Evidence Remover

This is used to do a complete removal of Windows Recycle Bin data, making it impossible to recover the deleted data.

M. Unrecoverable Delete

I found this same as Evidence Remover, as it functions the similar way.

The Bad:

  1.  There is no single select option for Browser cleaning. You have to select each checkbox individually.
  2. Confusion between Evidence Remover & Unrecoverable Delete features.
  3. Cannot be activated without an internet connection.
  4. Does not checks whether I have a browser installer or not, rather just tries to clean the same. Example I don’t have Chrome & Netscape installer, but it went ahead and cleaned them!
  5. No support for Microsoft Publisher, Info path and OneNote cleaning options.


Thanks to Revo Group, we are giving away 30 license keys of Revo Uninstaller Pro to readers of Avinashtech. Just follow the simple rules below to enter in this draw.

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  • Linu George Link Reply!/aviator365/status/146642908488007680
    Thanks for the giveaway. Great piece of software to remove all the remnants of us removed programs.  Would like to win this for its 64 bit capability and all round use of cleaners as well. ( not sure if I applied for this 3 times as net was not working…so please excuse me for sending this 3 times ..if it was…)

  • adamnowak Link Reply

    I need a program because a lot of installed programs

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    Excellent review.  Revo Pro is a must have. Count me in.

  • darma Link Reply

    I would like to win a license of Revo Uninstaller Pro to clean up the junk and leftovers from uninstalled programs that I tested on my pc. I hope to reclaim back some disk space. 

  • Scolli23 Link Reply

    I absolutely need revo uninstaller, I am a big time power downloader of software. i try everything i find, sometimes things get left behind when uninstalling, I know Revo will fix that.

  • Sasaajemsasa Link Reply

    Thank you very much for this excellent giveaway. Revo is the best in his field. I would love to win a Pro license. Please count me in. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  • malkhaz Link Reply

    HELP! HELP! HELP! What’s happening? who is crying? who needs a helping hand? ” it’s me!” someone answered . Truly saying I was somewhat confused and scared, because I thought that nobody was in my room. “Who are you?” I asked. ” I am your Windows, and I need help, please, help me!” Very strange fairy-tale , I am sure , everybody say these words. But I think nothing strange is in this. Everybody likes and, of course, needs to install many new programs. But after using them , everybody needs to uninstall them. And it is a very difficult thing, because after uninstallation many junk and unneeded files leave themselves in Windows registry. Poor windows! It has not got a tongue, and it can’t say it. But its actions are clearly visible. The system is getting more and more slow! And Windows needs your help. But how can we help it. I think, you know , my answer will be very simple- Good uninstallation program. Revo Uninstaller Pro is really a great program for this operation. It uninstalls unneeded programs very well. Nothing is left after using Revo. It has many unique features which a real help for windows, because its registry is clean and therefore happy. Of course, Every user is happy too.Thanks, GRR for the review!!!!!/william_of_pale/status/146643844400816130

  • Dacko Link Reply

    Very good review. Thanks. REVO is the best of the best. For many years I using the free version of this great software. Why I need a commercial version?. The reason is simple and is called: Real – Time Installation Monitor.  Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Revo Uninstaller is the best application to dump the registry result of uninstalled programs that are not needed anymore.Please count me in, thanks.!/Pivomen/status/146668439086436352 

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    I need this program remove stubborn programs that leaves traces of their installation in my system making it slow after every uninstall.Thanks for the giveaway.Please count me in.!/greatshubh/status/146672495053905923

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    Revo Uninstaller Pro is the best program to uninstall the software. Revo Uninstaller Pro provides full control over the applications that are installed.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

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    A great gift. I use the Pro version on one PC and it works great. The program takes a fingerprint of your hardware, so you can’t use it on another machine. I hope I win a license.

  • alfredp625 Link Reply

    I am impressed by the free version of Revo Uninstaller. I would like to add the capabilities of the pro version to my software list. Thank you for the review and chance to win.

  • chodorowicz Link Reply

    My need is probably similar to other – I want to keep my computer clean and most of programs seems leave loads of leftovers. Thanks for the giveaway!!/chodorowicz/status/146712467609878528 

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    Hi, thanks for this great giveaways, please include me.

    I need Revo Uninstaller Pro to keep my PC clean everytime I remove software from my PC.

    my tweet :!/underkirk/status/146719010514407425

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    Revo Uninstaller Pro is the best software to remove any leftovers of programs after uninstall, incomplete installations and uninstall remnants of programs. It monitors whole installation of softwares so that we can see all changes made to the system and is extremely easy to use. Also it provides a Backup System to ensure full recovery of changes made if they are done by mistake.
    Please count me in this Giveaway and many thanks to Avinash and for organizing such a Special Christmas Giveaway Event !

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    When I’m not satisfied with the program of promotion in place, I uninstall and certainly there is always some remnant of it installed on my PC.
    Revo Uninstaller Pro will surely help me in this task and this way you will win on my PCdevelopment.
    Congratulations on your promotion Avinashtech!
    I’ll be very happy if I am one of the winners of the license of Revo Uninstaller Pro!!/eusebiocaslu/status/146775433004851200

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    I need Revo Uninstaller because I am always a kind of person who will try almost every single software or program that are interested me. Often all of them is trial version after the trial end I will uninstall them. Using Revo Uninstaller to remove those application will be great it help me remove my unwanted software cleanly and easily. (I also does try the trial version of Revo Uninstaller Pro last time it is awesome)

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    Great giveaway please count me in! And the review is too. Well done!!/CoolCrackerz/status/146828726833917956

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    Please count me in…
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    thanks Avinash

  • Simoncbs Link Reply

    Hi, I too have been a user of the free version for several years and have always been impressed by it’s ability to hunt down leftover remnants of messy installations and incomplete uninstallations.

    I particularly like the Pro feature of realtime monitoring of installations, as this really cuts out blindspots that can occur when uninstalling retrospectively using the free version.

    Please count me in for a Pro version licence!

  • Hakaw Link Reply

    The very best uninstall software is finally giveaway by which all pc users love to own and use it and even cannot work without it. Your can uninstall any software either by Normal Mode or Forced Mode and you can even drag it to Hunter icon for removal through Hunter Mode. You don’t have to worry misdelete any software since backups of removed registry keys, values, files and folders is provided and you can easily restore your data back.
    Please count me in this giveaway and thanks to Avinash for organizing this special Christmas Giveaway!

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  • Carriebirch Link Reply

    Avinashtech, thank you for this great offer. Revo Uninstaller is a great program and like everyone else, I really could use this program. Using the free version is great but to use the Pro version would be absolutely awesome. It would certainly be a welcome addition to my apps. I am still using Windows XP because I just cannot afford a new computer. I would kill for an opportunity to have Revo Uninstaller Pro on my system. Ok, maybe kill is rather strong, but, I would really, really like to have a license key.

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