Solution to Battery plugged in but not charging

Today As usual I was using my laptop when I saw something typical happening with Battery status. Even though the power was plugged in, it showed ” plugged in, not charging“. This got me a bit worried. As the Laptop was almost brand new, It would have been a disaster for me if the batteries had gone bad or needed replacement. So I tried some normal procedure like switching system off and trying again after some time. The problem remained same.

I even tried booting in “UBUNTU” and there also, the same status was there ” plugged in, not charging” which simply told me it’s not the problem with operating system but may be some hardware or BIOS issue. So I started doing a bit of googling on the web and finally found the solution here.

  1. Turn off laptop.
  2. Unplug AC power.
  3. Remove battery.
  4. Replace AC power.
  5. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot.
  6. Once logged in to the machine, perform a normal shut down.
  7. Unplug AC power.
  8. Replace battery.
  9. Replace AC power.
  10. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot. The battery should once again be charging as normal.

The above solution worked for me. Another alternative solution which may work for those for whom the above solution does not work (Windows 7 Specific).

1. Unplug AC adapter. Shutdown

2. Remove battery, Connect AC Adapter

3. Start windows7. Remove Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery,

4. Shutdown, Remove AC Adapter, Install battery, Reattach AC Adapter.

5. Power up –

Now Plugged in and Charging.

Another reason which sometime result in battery not being charged is, your Laptop gets heated due to congestion around the laptop or if the surface on which laptop is placed  is blocking the proper air flow around the laptop in turn raising the temperature and laptop gets heated. You should place your laptop on a surface or place which allows proper airflow.  If the airflow is proper, then also this problem will go away.

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  1. Worked! I use Windows 7, but I didn’t need to use the Windows 7 specific solution. The first solution worked fine. Thanks!

  2. Great find/fix to this problem! The description here may be a bit confusing to some, allow me to clarify. I was able to alleviate this same issue by performing the following:

    01. Turn off laptop.

    02. Unplug AC power.

    03. Remove battery.

    04. Replace AC power.

    05. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot.

    06. Once logged in to the machine, perform a normal shut down.

    07. Unplug AC power.

    08. Replace battery.

    09. Replace AC power.

    10. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot. The battery should once again be charging as normal.


  3. Thanks Yaar!!!!!
    Do you know???
    My laptop was plugged in but not charging. This problem was for last 1 and half month.
    Without battery when just plugged in, my laptop was not booting.
    But some how i have started my laptop in safe mode and shut down.
    The 1st one is working.
    My laptop is charging now.
    There is no problem in charging.

    Thanks once again!!!!!

  4. Hey i’m having the same problem and i also just bought my laptop not long ago. Will this solution solve the problem permanently or just temporarily? Do i have to keep repeating it everytime my battery doesnt charge?

    • Usually, this problem itself is temporary and should not occur often. If it occurs often, you should ask your Laptop manufacturer.

      Normally, this solves the problem if you use laptop properly.

      • Dear
        i am facing a quite a rare problem with hp envy beats model number 2012tx,which is when ever i unplug the power cord from my laptop,power icon still shows “plugged in and not charging” however it should show only the battery percentage when i unplug it,After shutting it down, white led light near the power slot still glows .plz ive a solution for my problem

  5. it seems really a magic.. thanx very much my problem gets solved.. but after sometime the situation gets the same.. plugged in, not charging.. ???

  6. thank u so much avinash bhai……I had started bitting my nails seeing my brand new laptop charger not working……ur solution really helped me out thank u so much…..

  7. i have the problem number 3. i think my laptop was heated very high and it shows plugged in, not charging. if there is any solution please tell me.

  8. Omg thank you so much, I was so worried because my laptop is a couple years old and i didnt want my parents to yell at me, so thank you for saving my life

      • I have Windows 7 on an HP Pavilion and there are no battery entries whatsoever under device manager – after all, the battery isn’t a device.

        Needless to say the suggested fix did not work for me.

  9. this worked great until i played a game and as soon as the game started it went back to not charging. any ideals why?

  10. i replaced both my power cord charger and my battery brand new (gateway laptop) and i still get the problem of the charge going in and out. I would guess it to be the power jack wire loose. Is there a way to fix it without taking it to a money hungry computer repair shop?

  11. Unbelievable……I mean I have been trying to fix this all day. Knew it wasn’t the battery, and had read other suggestions to try but they were very complicated for me. Your instructions(I used the second method for Windows 7) were so simple to follow….Thank you so much – icon showing fully charged!! Yippee!!

  12. I followed your advice for windows 7 and it worked. Well, I’m still little scary but. I followed one of Youtube video’s advice a couple of day back, that has obviously fixed the issue. But within a day, this not charging issue had popped up again and trying to solve using the same method didn’t work thereafter. Now, is your advice a permanent solution? or will it work the next time if I encounter the same problem or should I try something else for a permanent solution?

  13. this didn’t work and I don’t really have my laptop on that much. maybe once every couple of weeks and even then it’s not plugged in.
    Any suggestions?

  14. yes you are absoulutely right…my laptop was overheated..i kept it on a ventilated area and after few minutes it started charging…thanks a load…thought should share this simple measure..

  15. hi, I’m also experiencing the same. I tried the instructions above but still not charging. By the way, what do you mean by replace battery? when you say unplug the AC is it from the outlet directly or from the laptop only? coz that’s what I always do. Thanks

  16. thanks for taking the time to post this. I had the exact same problem and your solution worked great…thanks again…GO HAWKS!!!

  17. Here at work I had 5 different HP models with this battery issue. This solution worked for all of them!
    Thank you very much!

  18. Thanks. I just tried fix #1 and it worked beautifully on my Windows 7, HP Pavilion laptop. Charging again full steam.

  19. Thank you so so much! The first set of instructions you gave worked perfectly on my 1 year old HP pavilion laptop.

  20. Win7 instructions worked for me. Left the battery removed for a couple of hours between Steps 4b and 4c; also held the ‘on’ button down for 30 sec with battery removed and no AC power. After powering up, battery charge has advanced from 50% (where it was stuck before) to 57% now. Thanks!

  21. thanks a lot …. you saved my 5hr of service center …and lots of money … first set of instructions worked for me….

  22. The second option seemed to work for me, on a Win 7 machine. The first did not. But I also made some other changes such as removing it from a docking station and using a cord directly when I switched to the second method. It is charging now on the docking station, however.

  23. This worked. My HP laptop battery was not charging even though connected via AC adapter. Followed the steps and it fixed the issue. Thank you so much for the help.

  24. What if I cant remove the battery from my laptop? Been Googling for a couple of hours now and every solution needs me to remove my battery which I cant access unless I pry my laptop apart. Plus, if I remove the charger cable my laptop automatically shuts itself off so that doesn’t work either.

  25. Hi Avinash,

    Thank you for this post, this didn’t work for my HP Envy laptop with Win 10, but I tried something and it worked for me. Here is what I tried and it fixed.

    I left the plug in charge, shutdown the laptop and took out the battery cable and put it back, and after I logged into laptop, it showed as charging.

    Hope this would help someone.

  26. Brand new HP Pavilion got from BJS store display. It shows that the white power supply light is white, but when I push the power power, nothing happens.

  27. Ok, but what do you do if it’s not even registering the charger? Because that’s the problem I’m having

  28. Sir what is ac power.i dont understand the first step after turning off my laptop what should i do? Remove the battery and then plug in the main cord in switch box or what please help its very urgent

  29. Thanks, earlier,It worked for me twice (1yr ago &2days ago) but now when again faced the problem. The laptop won’t start with power adapter (without battery) please help!!!
    And yes now it says’plugged in charging’. But not charging.

  30. Thank you!! I got this computer for Christmas and was really sad that it wasn’t working. But it’s back to normal!

  31. Thank you so much, this worked for me. HP Pavilion Laptop just 5 months old with Windows 10.

  32. Hello Sir,
    What to do when laptop is totally discharge and after removing bttery its not starting from AC adaptor.
    Please help if possible.
    Thanks in advance.


    I have windows 8 installed on Haier laptop.

    for me both methods failed… problem still prevails 🙁

    what should i do now?

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