How often you are stuck with inability to transfer your Contacts/ Numbers from one  mobile phone to another whenever you buy a new one? I bet most of you do get stuck. Sometime, it can be done by transferring the data to SIM card and then use it to transfer to the new one. But SIM card doesn’t provide you enough options to transfer all the information from your contacts lists and also, the capacity of SIM card is often limited to few hundred numbers.

Today we will talk about How to transfer your contacts from Windows Mobile/ Nokia/ Blackberry to Android. One tedious and odd way of doing it is to export your contacts to a comma separated values .csv file and then import it to your gmail account. The next time you connect your Android Phone to web, the contacts from your gmail accounts automatically gets synced to your mobile.

  1. Sync your old Mobile/ Nokia/ Blackberry Mobile to your computer (outlook, outlook express, whatever you normally sync to)
  2. Export your contacts from there to a CSV.
  3. Use Google Contacts inside Gmail to import the CSV you just created.
  4. Wait a couple minutes. All of your contacts will show up on your Android mobile soon!

Problem with this approach is most of us wont like to put our contacts on cloud on Google gmail servers and often the synchronisation fails due to mismatch of different field in your old mobile contacts and Gmail account.

So we will talk of another better way to transfer contacts from Windows Mobile/ Nokia/ Blackberry to Android mobile using some Apps from Sprite Software. Don’t worry, all apps I am talking about here are Free for personal use.

The first thing you have to do is to save the data on your old phone.Now you have your old data saved you need to convert it into something Android can understand. All you need is a PC.Great, you’re nearly done! All you have to do now is to load the data onto your Android phone.

Step 1 – Saving your data

The first thing you need to do is to save the data on your old phone. Sprite software provides you Sprite Migrate app to do that depending on whether your phone is Windows mobile or Nokia/Symbian OS or Blackberry based.

Sprite Migrate app is available for Windows mobile or Nokia/Symbian OS or Blackberry. The file formats will be different and hence you must download the correct file based on your old mobile.

Download Sprite Migrate App for Windows Mobile

Download Sprite Migrate App for Nokia/Sybian OS

Download Sprite Migrate App for Blackberry

Step 2 – Convert your Data

You need to convert your saved data from old Windows Mobile/ Nokia/ Blackberry into a format that Android understands. For that you need a app called Migrate PC.

Download Migrate PC here.

Step 3 – Load your data

Now you need to load your converted data to your new phone. Just transfer it using your SD card or using USB cable etc.

Now use your new phone, Navigate to the Android Market and search for ‘Sprite Migrate’ there. Install Sprite Migrate Android application and use it to load your data onto your device. You can select what data to load on at this point, so if you don’t want your old bookmarks on your new phone, simply untick them.

You wont find anything better or perfect than this and no hassles while you change your phone.

I would like to hear from you guys, if you ever faced problems like this. Share your experience and feedback here. I would love to hear from you.

Image Credits: Sprite Software