Its rare that I recommend a product directly here on the blog. So, Today I am making a exception. Keep in mind, it is of no use for most of Avtechies as its related to hosting blog or website on server. As most of Avtechies know, this month has been bad for me, blog and forum both in terms of revenue and traffic. The reasons vary from a bad host and some of my experiments with blog. Anyway, long story short, I am with Hostgator now shared hosting (Keep in mind, I was on VPS before) and I am sharing a brief Hostgator Review based on my experience.

In this brief Hostgator Review, I wont talk much about those unlimited things like Bandwidth, unlimited Domains and databases etc. that Hostgator offers just like almost every other webhost offers.

I will talk about some great features in this Hostgator  review that it offers with your cPanel where you can see the number of processes running at any instant of time, CPU Usage, Memory Usage all in terms of percentage of total server capacity. This simple status panel  by Hostgator gives you a great insight into whats happening with your blog or website and whats causing problems if any.

Hostgator also offers you to use memory and CPU usage upto 25% which is quite high for a Shared hosting environment I have seen anywhere else. Even though you got a window of 90 seconds a extreme limit, this 25% limit is too high and most of you wont ever reach that limit. Till now I am still to reach that limit.

It also gives you a option to check the server status just by clicking a link. If your blog or site ever reaches any resource limits, it can show you resource alerts to you anytime when you log in. Even though, other webhosts do provide access to things like server status or Resource alerts but they are not easily accessible by a novice user.

Apart from all the features, the Support is too good. There are very few webhosts who give you a instant chat support to a shared hosting account or user. If you need any help or support or clarification, you can get that instantly instead of waiting for answer on a support ticket.

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