How often you feel like, you need to shutdown your computer with some delayed time? If you are downloading a  big file and need to sleep too but the file is still downloading? So how to schedule your computer to shutdown automatically at a specified time?

082/365Its possible to do that without using any special software to schedule your computer for a delayed shutdown using task scheduler, but that’s too complicated for many of you. I will just talk about two small utilities with a nice GUI which lets you schedule your computer or any network computer to shutdown automatically.

Daxtar’s Shutdown Timer

Its a small standalone utility which sits in the Taskbar tray giving you the option of either Power Off, Log Off or Reboot your system at a specified time.

shutdown computer

Simple Shutdown Scheduler

Simple Shutdown Scheduler (also named ‘SSS’) is a light and useful utility to schedule shutdowns/reboots for any computer in your network. By specifying computer name, user name and password of the network computer, you can shutdown/ reboot the network computer remotely.

shutdown network computer

Both of these utilities are open source, free, light, simple to use and work on the fly. Give them a try if you need to schedule shutdown your computer automatically.