How often you are faced with scratched CDs of music/songs and you wanted to convert them into MP3 so that you can transfer the MP3 files either to your portable device like IPod or your system. But the CDs which are scratched result in error while you are ripping them off and you are unable to covert them in MP3.

Exact Audio Copy is one such tool which works as audio grabber for audio CDs using standard CD and DVD-ROM drives. Its free for personal and non-commercial use.

It works with a technology, which reads audio CDs almost perfectly. If there are any errors that can’t be corrected, it will tell you on which time position the (possible) distortion occurred, so you could easily control it with e.g. the media player.

Exact Audio Copy gets rid of problems like distortions produced by scratched CDs, using several technologies like multi-reading with verify and AccurateRip.

Exact audiocopyFeatures of EAC

  • All kinds of CD and DVD drives are supported (including USB, Firewire, SATA and SCSI drives)
  • Hidden sector synchronization (jitter correction)
  • A secure, a fast and a burst extraction methods selectable. Fast extraction should run at the same speed as other grabbers with jitter correction, but is probably not exact anymore. Burst mode just grabs the audio data without any synchronization.
  • Detection of read errors and complete losses of sync and correction in the secure mode, as far as possible
  • Output of time positions of all non-exact corrections and the possibility to listen to these positions
  • EAC is able to copy ranges of music data, not only tracks
  • Automatic speed reduction on read errors and fallback to a higher speed afterwards (depends on the used drive)
  • Volume normalization of extracted audio to a given percentage

When you use this in secure mode for scratched CDs, it will run slow as it will try to keep reading the bad sectors. If the CDs are not scratched, you can use it in normal mode and the process will be much faster.

[Download Exact Audio Copy]