For those of you, who use Orkut may be heading for a pleasant surprise soon. Orkut has been redesigned with a new interface and its new look is clean, simple, organised and faster. The new interface is a bit similar to facebook but right now its look much better and organised.

The new interface is still not available to most of you. Right now, its only a invite only feature and you need to be invited either by orkut itself or any other friend who is on new orkut interface. If your account is activated for new interface, you will see  it right when you login to orkut. A sign (Big O) just near your name, asking you to try new orkut.

orkut newThe new Interface is much better organised than the previous version. It has fewer pages than before and you can find whatever you want much easily with it. The scrapbook and status message update, everything is right their on first page( Just like Facebook). Another change is, you will see recent visitor pictures instead of their names making it easy to recognise as many people change their profile name to something different. A theme tab is also visible which lets you change colors of the page in a single click.

orkut new 1All menu tabs in previous version have been inegrated in a single bar. The last tab shows you more options. If you click on it, it will expand and show you the rest of the options.

orkutmenuAnother addition is Collapsible menu. Every item on home page is made into a collapsible menu. You can just click on + or – sign to collapse or open the item making it easier for you to organise your stuff.

orkut new 2There are many more improvements which you will discover if you start using it.