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Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations: Tell me your Favorite Software’s

As most of you know that we are going to celebrate Avinashtech.com 2nd Birthday soon and we have loads of giveaways lined up for you.

I would like to know the Favorites from the list from everyone of you. I have just created a small survey. It wont take more than 2 minutes. You just need to tell me your favorite software’s so that I can plan them for Giveaways.

Avinashtech Bday celebrations- Giveaways

Click here to take Avinashtech.com 2nd BirthdayCelebrations survey

About the author: A Mechanical Design Engineer by profession, but passionate about Computers, software and anything that helps to learn something new or different. Love to do things which i don’t know and dive into unknown territories.

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  • Rkjskn22

    This is owsum .I already participate in this and this is showing ur hardworking .
    All the items are best and nicely arranged .
    THANKS and best of luck for this.
    i m waiting.

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