Enable built in PDF Reader in Firefox (>version 15 )

Mozilla has just released the next version of one the most popular web browser i.e Firefox and it is available for everyone to download. Firefox 15 comes with some major features, two of which are the built-in PDF files support and Silent, background updates just like the Google Chrome. In this post we will talk about in-built PDF reader in Firefox which is unfortunately disabled by default, but can be easily enabled by changing a small setting in about:config.

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Download faster Firefox 13 with revamped Home and Tab pages

One of our favorite browsers Mozilla Firefox is out with a new version. Final version of Firefox 13 is available for download now  for the public. Firefox 13 comes with revamped Home and Tab pages along with some great speed improvements like SPDY protocol is now enabled by default which leads to faster browsing on supported sites. SPDY (pronounced “SPeeDY”) is an application-layer protocol for transporting content over the web, designed specifically for minimal latency making the browsing experience much faster.

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Download Firefox 11 Final with Addons Sync & chrome migration Capability

You can now upgrade your Mozilla Firefox browser to latest version 11 , thanks to a release by Mozilla. Even though the release of Firefox 11 is still not official, the Firefox 11 final version is available on the public FTP servers of Mozilla and can be downloaded by anyone who wish to upgrade to latest version 11 of the browser.

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Download Firefox 9 with 20-30% increase in JavaScript performance

As it happens with almost every release of Firefox, you can download the latest version of your favorite browser i.e Firefox 9  one day ahead of the official release of the browser by Mozilla. The major change which comes along with this version of Firefox is in terms of increase in performance of JavaScript due to addition … Read more

Firefox 6.0 Final now available on Mozilla FTP Servers

Most of you already know that Firefox shifted to rapid development cycle and started releasing frequent upgrades to its Firefox Browser starting version 4. Firefox 5 was the first in that release cycle. Firefox 6 was slated to be released on August 16 as per Mozilla schedule. But looks like Firefox build 6.0 is already finalized and its already … Read more