iPhone 5 appears on ebay.in listings starting at Rs 76,000+

If you are an Apple iPhone Fan and want to grab iPhone 5 much before its official launch, then here is some good news for you. iPhone 5 is appearing in ebay.in sellers listings and is available for pre-order, obviously at a huge premium even though we are far away from official launch of iPhone … Read more

What’s new in iPhone 5 compared to iPhone 4S

As most of you are aware that Apple has announced iPhone 5 just 2 days ago. iPhone 5  comes with 4-inch Retina display,  an Apple-designed A6 chip powered by iOS 6. Some of the new major features or additions in terms of hardware upgrade include the taller display if you compared it with previous iPhones. They have kept the Width of the phone same and has increased the height of the iPhone creating room for a fifth row of icons on the display.

In this post, we will talk about the major upgrades that come with this new iPhone compared to iPhone 4S.

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Fix iPhoto Crash on (Jailbroken) iOS 5.0.1 with iPhoto501Fix

Most of iOS 5.0.1 users must have jail broken on their iPad or  their other devices with the recent jailbreak release and are running iOS 5.0.1 only as JB users cant upgrade to iOS 5.1 as it will remove the jailbreak. With the release of iOS 5.1 and iPhoto last week by Apple, many users have bought iPhoto App. Many users are facing a crash issue if they are running a jailbroken iPad or any other device with iOS 5.1 installed on it. As I said before, these users cant even upgrade to iOS 5.1 as it will remove the jailbreak and at the moment, there is no  untethered jailbreak available for iOS 5.1.

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Apple rolls out iOS 5.0.1 to fix iOS5 Battery Issues [Direct Download links]

Most Apple iOS 5 iPhone users are aware of the battery issues that surfaced after they upgraded their iPhone to iOS 5. Apple has been working on to fix these battery issues as it was getting a bit worse and almost everyone was complaing about the battery issue with iOS 5. Apple today started to … Read more