Apple iPhone 4S have started to reach customers and we are starting to get hands on experiences from people across the web. All across the web, Reviews of iPhone 4S are already up and its more or less same as we expected. iPhone 4S is a specification bump from iPhone 4 with the same design leading to a better performance from inside with additional features included like iOS5 and Siri.

It is much faster due to A5 processor (same as iPad 2), have a better camera (8 MP) and tight integration of iCloud within it. In this post we have compiled some of the iPhone 4S hands on reviews from across the web.

Via: Thisismynext

Via: Macrumors

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In India, we are still far to get our hands on iPhone 4S. Unless its get released here, we can only reference others hands-on review. When it gets released in India, we would definitely like to grab it if we can afford.