As reported earlier too, Apple is rumored to release a low cost version of Apple iPhone 4 with less storage of 8GB. A iPhone bumper listing for iPhone 4 at Vodafone Germany website shows the possibly final versions of Apple iPhone 4 that may be announced at the “Let’s talk iPhone” on October 4th. Whether you call it a leak or some error on the part of Vodafone, the more nearer the Apple event comes we are getting more and more leaks and rumors based on something.

The iPhone 4S’ 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB listings appear on Vodafone Germany website if you want to buy a iPhone bumper and in the process start checking the compatibility of the bumper using the drop down menu. If you click on the drop down menu of the bumper during the buying, you will see some additional listings of iPhone which are not available in the market right now.

Some of the unknown Models of Apple iPhone which are not available in the Market at the moment but are being speculated for the release are as follows:

  1.  iPhone 4 (8 GB) – both Black and White
  2. iPhone 4S (16 GB) – both Black and White
  3. iPhone 4S (32 GB) – both Black and White
  4. iPhone 4S (64 GB) – both Black and White

From the listing here we can be sure of a cheaper iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 will be announced on oct 4event provided the listing here is correct. Apart from this cheaper iPhone, we see three more iPhone versions being listed here apart from existing iPhone 4. We still need to wait few hours more to see what these Models are actually? Whether its iPhone 4 with some additional features or iPhone 5? Well, the wait will be over in less than 24 hours. Stay tuned.

Via: iPhone-ticker