Infolinks got Infected? Kaspersky thinks so


Few minutes back, i was just navigating m blog Avinashtech as usual and suddenly i found some notification near the task bar by Kaspersky that it blocked some portion of my website page from loading as it suspected some trojan downloader. Instantly i got worried and clicked on the detailed report which showed me something [...]

Blogging Made Simple: Putting Windows Live Writer to the Test


Do you manage one or more blogs? While blogging is fun, managing multiple blogs can become tedious. Not only do you need to regularly post content, each blog has its own login credentials to remember. If you use several different platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, you also have several different Web sites to access [...]

Top Free Anti-Rootkit Software to protect your computer


Just yesterday, I talked about some of the best FREE Anti Virus tools available to you to protect your computer from viruses and other malicious stuff. Today I will talk about some of the best Free Anti-rootkit tools that are available to protect your system. What is Rootkit First of all, lets talk about what [...]

Top Free Anti Virus softwares to protect your System


Today i will talk about some of the best AV solutions that are available for free for home and personal use. I have tried to put together a small list of good free AV solutions available. Just a note here, the order doesn't indicate any ranking. Take a look at these and give them a try if [...]

Avinashtech Exclusive Giveaway : WinXDVD Ripper worth $29.95 for everyone


Its the end of another year and start of a fresh new year. Most of you including me must have enjoyed your recent holidays with friends and family. And now, i am back to work and to blog.  Wish you a happy and prosperous new year. My best wishes for you and your family. Now, [...]

A Exclusive giveaway for Avinashtech Readers coming!

Most of you including me is celebrating Christmas and spending the holidays with friends and family. Due to this, many of you may have felt a low Post activity by me here at Avinashtech. But that doesn't mean I have stopped working fully. I am working on some good stuff in the background. I have [...]

Download PC Pandora Pro (computer-monitoring software) for free worth $69.95

pcpandora1 offering PC Pandora for free via the directions below. It's a $69.95 value. PC Pandora is a computer-monitoring software which allows you to discreetly monitor and record all activity on your PC.  Its a great tool if you want to monitor and record all the happenings on your PC or you want to know [...]

List of top Gmail Labs Features You should use


I am a big fan of Gmail whenever it comes to webmail and the features available on them. I use Gmail for my personal and professional work both. The ease , convenience and tons of innovative features make it a great choice. The additional new features that keeps coming through Gmail Labs provide great addons [...]