Avinashtech Exclusive Giveaway : WinXDVD Ripper worth $29.95 for everyone


Its the end of another year and start of a fresh new year. Most of you including me must have enjoyed your recent holidays with friends and family. And now, i am back to work and to blog.  Wish you a happy and prosperous new year. My best wishes for you and your family. Now, [...]

A Exclusive giveaway for Avinashtech Readers coming!

Most of you including me is celebrating Christmas and spending the holidays with friends and family. Due to this, many of you may have felt a low Post activity by me here at Avinashtech. But that doesn't mean I have stopped working fully. I am working on some good stuff in the background. I have [...]

Download PC Pandora Pro (computer-monitoring software) for free worth $69.95


PCPandora.com offering PC Pandora for free via the directions below. It's a $69.95 value. PC Pandora is a computer-monitoring software which allows you to discreetly monitor and record all activity on your PC.  Its a great tool if you want to monitor and record all the happenings on your PC or you want to know [...]

List of top Gmail Labs Features You should use


I am a big fan of Gmail whenever it comes to webmail and the features available on them. I use Gmail for my personal and professional work both. The ease , convenience and tons of innovative features make it a great choice. The additional new features that keeps coming through Gmail Labs provide great addons [...]

Chrome says Google Security certificate is revoked [solved]


I am running Ubuntu 9 as Virtual machine on my home system. Few days back, i installed google Chrome browser on Ubuntu 9. The browser is running great and faster too. But today I experienced something unexpected. When i tried to open adsense in Chrome, it blocked the page saying "The server's security certificate is [...]

List of TOP 10+ Bogus & Rough Antiviruses you should stay away


Today, I will talk about something different. Normally I have talked about antivirus, antispywares, anti-adwares or ways to get rid of these malicious stuff. Today i will talk about some of the worst Rough Antiviruses (the term which is used for these kind of spywares or adwares) from which you should stay away from. First [...]

Hide Facebook Friends list from Public view


Few days back i wrote about how Facebook changed privacy settings on its own. There was so much fury by the users over the new public availability of friends to the public view with new settings and no way you can change it. It seems that Facebook backtracked once again as it happened last year [...]

Grab Dreamhost 1 Year Shared hosting package just for $9.24


As many of you know, this blog Avinashtech is hosted on Dreamhost private server. I have talked about them many times and why they are a great webhosting company. I wont be talking about that again. Right now, they are offering a whopping discount of $110 on their annual shared hosting package. You can get [...]