Another day, another freebie. This time is Anime Studio worth $49.99. So whats anime studio? Its basically a all in one animation package. I have never used it hough as i am not good in that but many of my friends have used it for their work or personal use.

Anime Studio 5 freeMore details about what it does and its features are described here in details for those who want to read it in detail.

The latest version of anime studio is 6 but Version 5 is available for free to download for anyone for limited time. I dont think its a bad deal if we are getting the version 5 for free. Its available both for Windows and Mac users to download it for free.

To get it for free, please follow the steps below.

1. Visit this Promopage here.

Anime Studio 5 free download
Anime Studio 5 free download

2. As you can see in the Pic, you Click on the link of your choice. Mac if you are on Apple Mac and win button if you are on Widows.

3. On next page you will find the checkout page like this.

Anime Studio 5 free checkout4. When you click checkout, you will need to submit a form with your name , email addresses etc.

5. After you complete the form and submit, you will get this final page. Dont worry , you need not enter any credit card details .

Anime Studio 5 free -16. Click the submit button. The next page will give you the order details and a email you will receive with license and download details.