Kaspersky removes license activation by keyfile with 2010 versions

Today i downloaded Kaspersky internet security 2010 to upgrade my existing KIS 2009 on my home system , the license of which still got few weeks before i buy a new license. After i installed it on the system, everything was great. Just then i noticed something got changed.

When i was trying to activate the application, i was searching for the keyfile option of activation as i don’t remember my activation code and had saved the key file on my system.

Kaspersky Activate license
Kaspersky Activate license

As seen above, when i clicked on activate commercial license, i was led to the following screen which confused me as i thought did i missed something. See the screen-shot below.

Kaspersky Activation code
Kaspersky Activation code

So i checked again and each time i reached the same screen with no option to activate using my keyfile. Finally , i had to check out my activation code in my kaspersky account to activate it.

So, it seems kaspersky has removed this option of activation. The main reason which may be behind this move may be :-

  1. Keyfiles were easily used by pirates all over the web to activate pirated copies of Kaspersky products.
  2. The keyfiles were easily available on different warez and torrent networks. Also they were too easy to spread all across the web.

Hope this step makes using pirated kaspersky products much more difficult. Or perhaps Pirates and hackers are already on the job to have some way out for it although Kaspersky products had been the toughest nut to crack and till now pirates used only keyfiles to use pirated kaspersky products.

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  1. :p bt u can activate the keyfile option by entering a false activation code like this :p MPQ9T-EAZHX-9S3GF-X2Y3Z

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