Apple rolls out iOS 5.0.1 to fix iOS5 Battery Issues [Direct Download links]


Most Apple iOS 5 iPhone users are aware of the battery issues that surfaced after they upgraded their iPhone to iOS 5. Apple has been working on to fix these battery issues as it was getting a bit worse and almost everyone was complaing about the battery issue with iOS 5. Apple today started to [...]

Block dangerous QR codes, unsafe websites on Android and iOS Mobile device


If you are a smartphone user or a gadget user, you must be using QR codes instead of URLs for opening and browsing different webpages or products. For those of you who are not aware of what a QR code is, here is a brief intro. QR code is basically short form of " Quick [...]

Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations: Giveaway Menu, Stay tuned


As many of you already know that we are getting three years old this December. As we did last year, this Year too we will be celebrating Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations i.e ABC 3 and will be giving away loads of software goodies to Avtechies. Thanks to various developers, we have been able to gather loads of [...]

How to disable Unity in ubuntu 11.10 and get old classic ubuntu desktop


Ubuntu is for me the secondary operating system which I often use for one work or the other including blogging. As many of you may know, I am too impatient to try new versions as and when they come and hence I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 from Ubuntu 11.04 as soon as it came out. [...]

Download Firefox 8.0 final from Mozilla’s ftp server


Mozilla have released the final version of Firefox 8.0. They are yet to announce the release of this version at their homepage, so as of now we do not have any information about the release notes. Even their ftp server still shows the link for the last beta 8.0b. But you can download the final [...]