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Each one of you do store a whole lot of information on your mobile phone including many critical and sensitive data. With the availability of good Camera in phones along with the rapid increase in popularity of smartphones, more and more sensitive data is being stored on the mobile device by the users. But often, [...]

iPhone 4S India pre-booking starts 18th Nov


Apple has always been reluctant to release its iOS devices like iPhone, iPad to Indian market parallel to their international launch or at least within few months compared to any other International launch. But the trends do seem to change a bit starting with iPad 2 and iPhone 4 which got launched in India within [...]

A fix for “Gmail chat not working”

Just like any other day, I logged in to my gmail account yesterday, to check my inbox and send a few mails. Noticing that some friends were online, I decided to have a small chat with them. But the chat pop-up did not allow me to place the cursor, and I couldn't enter any text [...]


One of the best twitter clients Seesmic available for mobile devices including Android and iOS, has been updated to take advantage of Windows Phone Mango specific features. The major features which use the new Windows Phone Mango specific features in Seesmic include Pin to Start, Live Tiles, support for Fast App Switching, a revised background, and [...]


Most Apple iOS 5 iPhone users are aware of the battery issues that surfaced after they upgraded their iPhone to iOS 5. Apple has been working on to fix these battery issues as it was getting a bit worse and almost everyone was complaing about the battery issue with iOS 5. Apple today started to [...]