Run WindowsPhone Demo in your Android or iPhone Browser

We have been hearing some good things about WindowsPhone for last few weeks in fact months. With the work progressing on with the next version of Microsoft Operating System i.e. Windows8, WindowsPhone too is making some decent inroads into the mobile devices segment. With the release of some new WindowsPhone models in the market and … Read more

Review: Comodo mobile security with SMS, Call blocker, App locker, phone number locker

Andorid platform is targeted more and more these days with the rate of growth of Malware on this mobile platform has been too steep. PC computer Security vendor Comodo has come out with a security application for Android devices called Comodo Mobile security to help protect your devices from against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky … Read more

Secure SMS messages,MMS, contacts, files on your Phone with Loky

Each one of you do store a whole lot of information on your mobile phone including many critical and sensitive data. With the availability of good Camera in phones along with the rapid increase in popularity of smartphones, more and more sensitive data is being stored on the mobile device by the users. But often, … Read more