How to add Facebook stream to Google+


How many of present Google+ users are Facebook users too? Even though many users would like to keep Facebook and Google+ separate, there would be loads of users who would like to see a bit of integration between the two if possible. Looks like its possible to do that. Thanks to a plugin or extension [...]

To Keep using Google+ make your Profile Public


Just few days back, we talked about How to remove Google+ profile from public search. But it seems that Google doesn't like this idea of keeping your profile private and hidden from its search engine. Google has issues a public ultimatum that all private profiles will be deleted after July 31, 2011. Here is a [...]

How to setup and enable Facebook Video Chat


As most of the users over the web are aware of release of Google+ from Google as a new social networking tool combining various aspects to social networking like Sharing, Photo sharing, Video chat (Hangout) and much more into a single product. Facebook looks a bit worried as it was evident when Facebook blocked a [...]

Scared of Google+ ?, Facebook blocks contact exporting tool


Its just 3-4 days since Google+ is out and that too with Invitation only Access. We wrote a post talking about if Facebook needs to be worried due to this release of Google+. Looks like Facebook is already worried about it and some signs are visible which clearly points to the fact that Google+ is [...]

How to enable two-step verification for Google Apps


Sometime back, we wrote about how to set up 2-step verification process for your Google Account. As most of you know, two-step verification adds a additional layer of security to account in addition to your existing password. By enabling this, the it becomes almost impossible to get hacked as the additional layer of password keeps [...]

Hostgator 40% OFF, today Only. starts with just 2.48$


As most of you know, I am a big fan of Hostgator when it comes to hosting my blogs or forum. They have been excellent in terms of everything till now and I have rarely faced any downtime issue since I switched to Hostgator. I have written a long post detailing some of the great [...]

Google+ Quick reference, cheat sheet


Google+ is still not open for invitations but the web is going crazy over it. The service is still in its infancy and everyone who has an early access to it are still learning it. We are sharing here a Google+ cheat sheet or a quick reference info graphic by one of Google+ user Simon [...]

How to download Google+ data (profile, contacts, streams, picasa, buzz)


Just in my last post, we talked about how to remove your Google+ profile from public search results. Today we will talk about another Privacy feature called Takeout which lets you download all your data including profile, Contacts, circles, Picasa web album, buzz very easily in the form of archives. This feature or service known [...]