Most of you know that browser can be the entry point for majority of security threats like Viruses, phishing scams and spam. We keep talking of securing our browser by various means often either by upgrading to latest version as and when they come by or using security addons with browsers like keyscrambler, myWOT, addons from anti-virus products etc. Today we will talk of another browser security addon TrafficLight from Bitdefender which works on all browsers and can help you secure your browser from from Viruses, Phishing and Spam Advertisements.


  • TrafficLight works with virtually any Windows-compatible browser. It even keeps look, feel and functionality consistent if you switch browsers.
  • TrafficLight intercepts and scans web traffic before it even reaches the browser, effectively blocking disguised or stealth attacks before it’s too late.
  • TrafficLight scans the pages you visit for malware and phishing attempts each and every time you access them to avoid the threat of legitimate but recently compromised websites.
  • TrafficLight won’t block an entire website if just some pages within are malicious. Only the potentially harmful elements are blocked, leaving you free to view the rest of the site if you so choose.
  • TrafficLight relies on intelligence provided by BitDefender Cloud services to flag malware and phishing attempts in search results from Google or Bing. Not only that, but it also checks links in popular social network platforms and blocks them if they are suspect.
  • TrafficLight does not add a toolbar to your already-cluttered browser interface. Its interface remains invisible until your input is needed or it’s called up with a simple mouse gesture.

A good feature of this addon is, there is no toolbar associated with it and it only comes into picture when you need it. It works in the background in real-time scanning even the search results from Google and Bing. It blocks only the content that’s bad on any web-page, not the full web-page and rest of the web-page can be viewed easily.

The addon stays invisible in your browser. If you need to see it, just hover your mouse to the small gray rectangle below your address bar in your browser. You can change settings if required. At the moment, it has got ” Advance Phishing Filter”, “Malware Filter”,  “Search Result Analyser”. With future upgrades, more additions are planned e.g. “Antifraud Filter”. It also comes with an inbuilt URL shortener ( Using from Bitdefender powered It blocks the harmful pages like phishing etc with a big notification.

Everytime you do a search in your browser, a new small icon will be added to search results. A green Icon is displayed for each search result which is safe.

Addon for chrome is available separately if you just want to install it in chrome only. For Firefox and safari, it is still in works.

Now lets talk about some bugs. Looks like it still needs to work on some compatibility issues with 64 bit version of Windows 7. It didn’t worked on Firefox 3.6.x or even Firefox 4 RC2, IE 9, Opera. Even on chrome, it worked after I downloaded a spefic addon for it from chrome gallery of addons. As some of the users at Forum reported its working well with other operating systems. But as we know, its still in beta hence we can expect few bugs. Hopefully when the final version comes out, everything will work great and we will have another security addon.

PS: Thanks Sujay for the tip.