Join Avinashtech: 100% Revenue Sharing


From Today onwards, Avinashtech is changing to 100% Revenue Sharing Blog. Avinashtech invites Guest Author and Writers who are willing to participate in our revenue sharing program providing you with exposure plus 100% Adsense generated money from that post. WHY WRITE FOR AVINASHTECH Avinashtech is a popular tech blog dealing with Computers, Software, Internet, Windows,  [...]

Download jv16 PowerTools 2009 (worth $29.95) for Free


There are so many system optimizers available for windows claiming to optimize your system in few clicks and seconds. Many of them does do the job well. But most of the good ones are not free and you need to buy those software if you need to optimize your system in few clicks. Thanks to [...]

Speccy: Know Details about your System and Hardware


Few months back i wrote about CPU-Z which provides information about hardware installed on your computer system. Another similar tool called Speccy provides you almost same kind of information but with more details. It also provides info regarding your operating system. It is an advanced System Information tool giving you details about central processing unit [...]

More Google Wave invites up for grab on Avinashtech, Need one?


Just few days back, I gave away 5 Google Wave invites to lucky subscribers. It seems i can give away some more invites to you guys of Google Wave . Google wave basically tries to combine all the communication and collabration tools at one place. I wont be doing a review of wave here. Just [...]

Download Zonealarm 9.1 Firewall Free for Windows 7


Zonealarm is one of the best firewall available today. Even though it got a PRO version but for most of us Zonealarm free version is more than good enough with a good Anti-virus installed on the system.Zonealarm Pro was being offered for free few days back for 24 hours, which many of you may have [...]

Create Bootable Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 USB/Flash Drive


How often you are faced with installation of Windows on a new system or format an old system to clean install the windows operating system? I know, most of you are too scared to do that. For those of you, who did try this kind of adventure, carrying and keeping Windows CD/DVD installation media is [...]

Schedule Computer to Shutdown automatically


How often you feel like, you need to shutdown your computer with some delayed time? If you are downloading a  big file and need to sleep too but the file is still downloading? So how to schedule your computer to shutdown automatically at a specified time? Its possible to do that without using any special [...]

Aviary’s Phoenix: An excellant online image editor


Many of us often get involved with image editing one time or other. Still most of us are not good in image editing the reason being we don't use it in our day to day life. Another reason being the non availability of free good image editors or their availability on every system we work [...]